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For more info, click here. On a PC: There are lots of ways to type the special characters on a PC. Switching your keyboard layout to the "US International" keyboard is the easiest solution, and works in all applications - this is method 1 below. Two additional easy solutions are available specifically if you're using Microsoft Word: These are methods 2 and 3 below. A few of the many other possibilities are listed further below under the "other possibilities" heading.

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Please send me Hartmut a message if you have additional ideas about this that I should include here, or if you notice that a method mentioned below no longer works! To switch to the US International Keyboard layout, look for instructions in your computer's help menu, or follow the instructions given by Microsoft Support here. Although multiple steps are involved the first time you do this, it will be easy to switch to this layout once you've added it to your computer's keyboard options for the first time, and you could definte a keyboard shortcut for switching between this and the regular US keyboard layout.

To type umlaute using the US International Keyboard layout, type a quotation mark " and then the letter over which you would like the umlaut to appear, i.

Using a Mac? Easy umlauts (ä,ü,ö) and eszett (ß)!

Note that when you actually want to type a quotation mark, you have to type the quotation mark followed by the space bar to make it appear. Microsoft Word only: Use the default key combinations in Word, which should be as follows: Hold down "control" and press the colon: Then release all three keys you just pressed and type the letter over which you wish the umlaut to be i.

The umlaut should now appear.

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Then release all three keys you just pressed and type the letter s. If these key combinations don't work on your PC, go to "Insert" and then "Symbol. The key combinations currently defined for that special character on your computer will appear. If you don't like the above key combinations, there is a way to define simpler ones: From the "Insert" menu, choose "Symbol. Unlike the cedilla which is utterly loyal to the letter c, under which it appears.

Making German umlauts with U.S. Keyboard (keyboard shortcuts) | MacRumors Forums

Tilde and more David Phelan. Spanish has its own special additions. So for the tilde that appears above the letter n, you need to type option-n and then n again. As if by magic a giant tilde appears which shrinks to fit the n when you type the second n. Simply press and hold the letter you want to accent and a pop-over menu will appear showing the options. So, e yields seven options and a has eight alternative versions.

How to Type Spanish Accents and Letters

So, long-press o and eight options appear. Hacek or caron David Phelan. This means more accents can be accommodated.

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If there are other shortcuts you want to know about, message me in the comments and I'll add more. Week In Wearables: Should Developers Upgrade?

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