Mac nc37 equivalent to nars sheer glow

Maybelline fit me matte in - slightly too pink this is probably a super close dupe to Teint idole shade and formula just less wear time same as above, I usually wear either Ben nye banana powder or a femme Fetale yellow finishing powder. I just bought The shade so I might update later on how that shade is. Bobbi brown long wear in Ivory - was a good match but very thick foundation and didn't look like my skin I could have blended it better, but again this was a sample.

Good foundation though. I have dry flakes of skin in areas but I somehow get a little oily.

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I have olive undertones so its hard to find a perfect foundation match in most brands. ABH stick foundation: Ivory- This is my perfect match: D Although it doesn't seem to wear long enough for my liking When I wear makeup, I go all out. No light coverage for me! MAC shade: I also have this problem!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 Review

I'm currently using UD Naked Skin in 6. I like using the beauty blender instead of a brush. I wear glasses on a daily basis, so if any other glasses wearers' want to ask my opinions on foundations I am here! I worked at Mecca for a stint so I got to try out a lot of the foundations on hand. I'll probably forget everything I've tried, so just ask if you're interested. I am super neutral based, however, so fair and neutral! It's a really good, excellent stick foundation.

It doesn't run too heavy and works excellently with both a BB and a foundation brush. Highly recommend. I'm too neutral for this. It slips around underneath my glasses, however, which means it's a rare wear compared to my HD stick. Chantecaille Future Skin - Beautiful in concept, but Alabaster ran rather orange??

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It was a weird match and didn't quite cooperate with my BB or my foundation brush. It clumped in both of them and I'm trying to sell the foundation, as I really couldn't stand it. Didn't wear well underneath my glasses. You have to use your fingers with this one and work in patches. It also doesn't withstand a good cry, which I really can't tolerate. I'm too emotional not to need a foundation that can withstand emotional moments. Wore well underneath my glasses, probably because it's formulated with powders involved in the mix. Highly recommend if you like sheer, dewy coverage and can find yourself a colour match.

Wear was pretty mediocre around glasses.

Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide

Hourglass Vanish Foundation in Alabaster - I couldn't get this to work for me, despite the beautiful colour match! It caked over dry patches, got super oily where I was oily. It wasn't forgiving to my skin texture at all, I wished I could have gotten this to work. Had too much of a silicone slip around my glasses to wear well. Beautiful, beautiful consistency though. Highly recommend if you're a tan girl, this isn't one for those of us who are super fair. Estee Lauder Doublewear Light in Shade 1 - I love this foundation for days that I want to be super flawless, despite it's "light" claim.

I need to mix it with my Chromatic Mix drops from MUFE to get it to match me, though, as it's way too dark for me normally. Wore very, very well with my glasses! Especially when combined with my Mineral Veil primer. Really good foundation mixer for other foundations, though. Wore well on me and kept everything even and balanced. Good if you don't want a completely white mixer, far easier to manage. If you can find your match, though, this has a ridiculous amount of coverage for something marketed as a tinted moisturiser!

It's a beautiful base for those of us who prefer to have a bit of glow and worked really well with all my problematic areas. Wore alright around my glasses, which was to be expected. It's just too emollient for that area to stay very well. I have very dry and dehydrated skin. I'd say I have neutral to warm undertones But a very I did go through quite a long stage where I thought I was cool toned, so used to buy a lot of cool toned foundations. Most of these have now been discontinued, so I won't list them I also can't remember most of them.

Maybelline fit me matte and poreless liquid in Giorgio Armani luminous silk in 5. Siberia this is my perfect match! My skin is normal leaning dry, although I'm pretty picky about how the texture of a foundation appears on my skin. The Body Shop foundation is my go-to foundation at the moment for a medium coverage, more "makeup-y" look.

VERY frustrating at times. I also wear:. I really want to try the Too Faced Born This Way foundation but we don't have Mecca Maxima here in Adelaide and i'm too scared to try buy the correct shade online! I was actually pretty surprised they didn't decide to open up a Maxima at Burnside at least.

It's a bit out of the way for me but I'd rather have one here than none: I'm more surprised there are two cosmeticas on rundle! Would make so much more sense for a maxima and a cosmetica I guess it makes sense the burnside store is the one with a skincare focus though. I think you're definitely right to hesitate on the born this way. I'm an N18 and all of the born this way skews too yellow on my skin. I'm dying to wear that foundation and I will get them to try it again in summer but it's not really working for me.

From memory my best colour was Pearl - definitely one of the shades that came out in the new release. Next time you're doing an online Mecca order apparently you can call the help line and they will post you out a sample if you like I don't know for sure this is secondhand info from a colleague. ABH Porcelain is a little light at the moment, but I use bronzer to match my neck and chest better. Didn't have a change in smell, so I figured the ingredients were just separating. Shaking it didn't help, so I just threw it out. L'Oreal True Match: Beige Revlon Colourstay: It weirds me out so much to see people who are also NC20 using shades that I consider light!

No idea if I'm doing something wrong, but my shade certainly seems to match my skin It's possible the lighter shades are oxidising on you to become the right shade. You certainly sound closer to NC It's strange - I've definitely been told I'm NC20 in MAC multiple times, but they just said Studio Sculpt, since it's a mousse type foundation, has the numbers applied differently. Definitely nothing runs orange, which is what I've always associated oxidising with though I've never seen it to know for certain. Skin Profile: Sensitivity to SPF, fragrance, and intolerance to soy.

I'm on a hunt for a foundation that will match me without having to add a white mixer. Wishlist Foundations: Such a good idea! Foundations i regularly use: Mac studio sculpt Too face born this way Mac Face and body. My favourite combo at the moment is using mac time check lotion for primer and mac face and body foundation mixed with the pro long wear concealer buffed into the skin.

Using time check helps keep my oiliness in check without being too matte. It gives a nice velvet finish to the skin. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

AustralianMakeup subscribe unsubscribe 10, readers 41 users here now Best of Beauty: It blended easily and had amazing coverage with such a tiny amount. It does make skin look really really lovely and flawless and quite 'done up'. This isn't holy grail status for me because I feel the shade is slightly off, don't get me wrong Stromboli doesn't look silly on me and I can easily get away with it, it's actually one of the first foundations to match me so well but I wish they had a shade in between Stromboli and Syracuse as Barcelona was too peachy, so my next option is to get a sample of Syracuse and see how that fares on me.

I may have to mix two shades together to get an absolutely perfect match. It also isn't as sheer and glowy as I thought it would be, it is quite thick in texture and leaves a semi matte-satin finish, it also catches onto a lot of texture. Everyone in the blogosphere and youtube world always rave about it but I just can't seem to give it the same reaction. I was simply surprised at how semi-matte the texture was.

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The shades within that range will probably be too peachy and not golden yellow enough. Even though Stromboli is yellow undertoned it is a medium shade so tanned or more golden girls will find it too light, and then going up a shade to Barcelona will only be too peachy. And I can imagine Syracuse being too red or brown. Here's my little sample of Barcelona resting on the lid for comparison. In the following pictures I have swatched both Barcelona and Stromboli, Barcelona being on top and Stromboli bottom, you can see how peachy Barcelona is compared to Stromboli.

I'll do a separate blogpost on Mac Studio Fix Fluid. I have been gravitating towards this foundation for the past few occasions I have been to, until I find the perfect one, this one will do. It builds up very easily but be wary of the dry areas of your skin, they get cakey and build up texture very quickly. If you have milia or clusters of blocked pores they will show up more. I can't stress enough to make sure your skin is flake free when applying, the more smooth and flat your skins surface is the more beautifully this foundation will sit on your skin. I use around light layers of Nars sheer glow which is between pumps and I must say while I'm trialling the foundation for this review now, I'm looking in the mirror and must admit how beautifully flawless it's made my skin appear.

My pores, redness, acne and acne scars are covered flawlessly and it doesn't look unnatural or cakey.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 Review - Beauty And The Muslimah

It is a semi matte texture and finish but the overall finished look is very illuminating and glowy. The light is bouncing off my skin in all the right places. It's not a dewy look at all, my skin doesn't look oily or wet, it's definitely a semi matte - satin finish. And to be perfectly honest the colour isn't drastically off, just slightly, as I build up the layers the colour gets deeper. This is a very very good and quality foundation, definitely one to try out. Just make sure that your skin prep is thorough, if you find it doesn't sit well on your skin try out different techniques, mix in some moisturiser or oil and see what works best for you, I'm still trial and error- ing?

I have been using this foundation quite a lot and what I can say is that when I build the foundation up the colour does deepen quite significantly, and it is most definitely golden enough for my skintone, in fact Stromboli is the closest ANY foundation has come to my skintone and it also actually oxidises a tiny bit on my skin too. In comparison to my much loved Studio Sculpt foundation, the Nars is much better, MAC is just too orange in comparison! I was shocked believe me. I thought MAC done yellow best.

I actually have come to love the colour of this foundation, it really mimics the yellow in my skin. Also orange corrector helps a lot around my mouth. My gripe with this foundation is that it shows texture, a lot, so my uneven skin texture doesn't look very nice when the foundation is built up, which in turn makes the foundation look 'obvious' on my face, so it isn't immensely skin like only when I want to build up for more coverage. I do think if less is used it'll look better, building up coverage will give you a very 'done up' look and I know some people aren't too fond of that, myself included.

It's a really good foundation, just not Holy Grail for me. I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions please do ask. I have been using my fingers as Francois recommended, I use under a pump for a natural everyday look and it blends in seamlessly and looks very natural and doesn't pick up texture. I don't think you can build up too much coverage with your fingers because you will simply be moving the foundation around. Unless you do pin point concealing with the foundation and pat it into place instead of rubbing it.

This foundation is quite pigmented, so you really don't need much. One of my issues, as you read in my review, was that you end up looking quite "done up" and obvious, I've noticed using less product and blending in with fingers will stop you from looking too done up, in fact it will look rather skin like and natural.

The warmth from your fingers really melts the product into the skin and should leave no tell tale lines as it does for me. I've noticed this is something a wet sponge can not do as it's just not as warm as your fingers. I know this is a very long in depth review on this particular foundation, I just found it difficult to get along with because it's been advertised and reviewed a little differently than I expected.

And it's a Holy Grail for a lot of people out there. Though I hope this review was helpful. You're welcome! I like to explain in as much detail as possible what my opinions are and exactly how I feel about certain products and how they fare on me. Color is not a perfect match, but close enough. Powered by Blogger. Nars Sheer Glow, who hasn't been excited about this foundation? There's a little lid inside the ginormous one, all you have to do it pull the top off instead of unscrewing it, it'll be space saving.

Upon arrival I was literally buzzing with excitement. Foundation , makeup , nars sheer glow. Newer Post Older Post. You Might Also Like.