Usb analog to digital converter for mac

List Price: You Save: I purchased this to convert my 30 VHS tapes I have from over 30 years ago.

1. Getting the equipment

Very easy to use. I had to download the software.

Analog to digital

I do not have any other devices to compare this to but I am done with 5 tapes so far and was able to save at Hi-Res and upload to YouTube to share with family and friends. A definite recommend if you have old tapes to convert. I already am ahead of the game in just 5 tapes. If you have found my product review to be helpful, please hit the helpful button. This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well.

You certainly do not have to, I do not get anything from it, but I get a good feeling that Add to cart. This is a very simple device to capture analog video and audio to your computer, and the software produces a file that is compatible with both Apple iMovie and Roxio Toast Titanium products. It is certainly as good as the Elgato product which costs more than double the cost of this product.

Top-Longer USB 2. Using it on a mac running a pretty old OS forget the goofy names they give them sorry. Simple interface once you fumble thru it. Software lets you choose quality preferences. Had to install the software thought maybe the mac would recognize it and i could run it thru iMovie.

Analog to Digital Video Converter: How to Convert Analog Video to Digital Video

Make sure you register software when prompted. Records in real time with no sound but sound is there at playback.

Convert VHS to Digital or DVD with the Elgato Video Capture (MAC and Windows)

Cheap and efficient. I bought this one several weeks ago and transferred 52 VHS cassette to my computer. I finished it and gave to my friend to do so also.

2. Diamond Video Capture

He was very satisfied, it was simple and was working as they said. Real easy device to use. When we watched some of them, I realized that these tapes needed to be transfered to digital form before they deteriorated further. I took me seven years, but last year I decided to finally transfer these tapes to digital form as a Christmas gift to my parents. Clockwise from the top: If not, perhaps you know someone you can borrow one from. These types of cassettes were introduced in and were primarily used in consumer-grade camcorders.

You insert it in your VHS player and play it like a regular cassette. You can buy these adapters on websites like Amazon. Video capture dongle There are lots of different video capture dongles available today. What they do is that they transfer the analog signal from the VHS player to a digital one that your computer can process. The dongles are always bundled with some video capture software right?

Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac review: Preserve analog video memories with ease

The bundled video capture software Empia for macOS is somewhat buggy and not that well designed, bit it is simple and does what it has to. However, it needs another cable to connect to your VHS player. No TV? Nope, with this setup the video feed will be displayed on your computer screen with the bundled video capture software. The composite video cable yellow is used, hence the leftover S-Video cable top right. The PowerDirector software is apparently adequate while transferring VHS data to Windows and what's more, in addition to conversion, editing can also be done.

You have the option to cut out those portions of the films that you don't want, you can even add titles and include chapter breaks.

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It allows videos to be captured from almost any video source and is extremely compatible with external video capture devices and video editing software. The CD that accompanies the device has drivers for all windows operating systems. As the Windows Media Suites are very easy to use, videos can be edited easily and quickly. A good feature is that you can still take shots even while you are recording video. It does come bundled with Arcsoft ShowBiz but you have the option of switching over to any other video capture application of your choice. Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Reviews of Top VHS Converters for Windows and Mac

In case you're running Windows 7 or below, capturing and conversion of videos from VHS can be done with the help of Windows Movie Maker. The drivers that come along are invariably outdated and although it supports plug and play, it's hard to get it up and running. However, once you get the settings right, the results are amazing. It can even bypass copyright protection.

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