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Report Post. Ae CC has support for naive network rendering: I've written extensively about Ae's network rendering here in this forum -- a quick search should turn up my notes. I'd suggest you look into a proper render manager like Deadline or Tractor. I'll read them soon and eventually, if you're available, get back to you if something is not clear to me. Talk soon Mario. Hi Walter, i know this post is over 2 years now but i was looking for some knowledge on setting up a local renderfarm for AE rendering.

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My question is, is that the only output format? By setting up a post-render action, you should be able to handle the audio and stitching. Otherwise the project will only be loaded to the Queue panel and not rendered. Set AME to auto-encode your watch folders.

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In order to do so, the project panel in After Effects needs to be setup with the Watch Folder in mind. When an After Effects project is added to the Media Encoder watch folder, it will render any composition in the root folder of the Project Panel. Move the comp that you want to render to the root directory in After Effects.

A home build vs. retail units

Save a copy of your project file to your Watch Folder. As long as all of your assets are saved on the network, all you need is the project file itself. Once the project file synced to the cloud network, Adobe Media Encoder on your desktop machine will get to work. When you save the collected project to your Watch Folder, the project must be saved so that the After Effects project is in the root of the Watch Folder.

Basics of GPU in After Effects

When After Effects collects files, it generates a report text file about the project. Be sure to discard it prior to placing your project in the Watch Folder because Media Encoder will try to render it using your encoding settings. Once Media Encoder has finished rendering your project, two folders are created. Output and Source.

The Source folder contains the project file that was rendered. When the render is complete, the After Effects file is moved into the Source folder. Now, on each render node, you can start up the render engine in one of two ways: That sets the render node to automatically look at a folder on a network location and to start rendering if it finds a render-ready project. The other way is use a command line. On dedicated render nodes, this can be useful to just start up the render engine on startup.

The command line on windows for a watch folder located on W: AErender looks like this: Now, if you know After Effects , you were probably freaking out when we said you needed all the same drive letters and names across all nodes. But why would you want to duplicate hundreds of gigabytes? After you complete this, the nodes will pick up the render and begin rendering frames.

Make a Render Farm Out of Old Computers for a Cost-Effective Way to Speed Up Rendering

Network rendering can really improve your efficiency at the office. Think of it this way: If adding a network node saves you 13 hours of that artist sitting and watching progress bars, that render node just paid for itself. For a complete tutorial on the processes described above, feel free to check out: A little confused?

Not only that, but you can render as many times faster as machines you can plug in! You can even start a render and move on to another project! Ty Audronis has consulted on Post-Production Technology and Workflows for major network studios, film houses, advertising agencies, and educational facilities.

He has well over 20 years of production technology experience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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