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I find that hard to believe. Reply 6 of Reply 7 of Reply 8 of They wanted a screen replacement and in my opinion, they should be able to get that done by Apple, no matter how much they charge. I know they don't have do to it, because it's in their terms of service, but it shouldn't be, it's not the right thing to do.

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This Apple defense you wrote up, is pointless in my opinion. Always had Appleinsider in high regards, but how you tried to discredit them was not OK, lost quite a bit of points by me. Reply 9 of DCRM Posts: Reply 10 of Then the charge is the price of a new computer.


Now we have a price for "repair" can we all please move on? Reply 11 of StrangeDays Posts: Reply 12 of Mike Wuerthele Posts: Reply 13 of Reply 14 of Reply 15 of Reply 16 of Reply 17 of Reply 18 of DCRM said:. The repair price estimated was the same at the three shops we called and have worked with in the past for many pieces -- none of which wanted to be named.

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Thus, the "AppleInsider has been told" part. I appreciate your point of view, and your readership. I've been on both sides of this counter. But, if a consumer brought me a box of parts and ask for a repair, I'd have told him to forget it back in the days of the Mac SE, the iMac DV, and in the tail-end of the 5,1 Mac Pro days.

Apple's terms of service

Reply 19 of You break what is a pretty new, costly computer to show it off to the world. Something Apple sure as hell doesn't recommend.

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This is the results. There just may not be a whole lot of spare parts in the supply chain at this point in time. After all, these things shouldn't be failing at all at this point. May 31, Messages: Have i missed a step somewhere?

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Feb 2, Messages: Maybe go with the 9. Thanks for the tip. Will try that now.

Mar 3, Messages: Actually at least on Mac , from 9. The patches are version specific, as the addresses to patch change in every release.

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So for 9. At least on Mac, if I remember well on Win is the same. Thanks for that reply. Mar 17, Messages: Launch LivePatch. Use the Authorize. Just what I needed!

Thanks to everyone for your replies. Jun 5, Messages: Another wee tip for when you come to read nfo files my friend: