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Page content loaded. Apr 14, 7: If you have spreadsheet software, you could make your own. There also many be spreadsheet templates fo this type of tracking availble. Use the search term "medical expense template" in your favorite search engine. Apr 14, Apr 27, 5: I've been searching for a Medical Expense Tracker for soooo long! The old one by J. Tarpley https: Scratch that--it looks like it's no longer available.

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There's the Medical Tracker by Eamonn and Ian llc, but 1 that hasn't been updated since and 2 there's no way I'm doing all that data entry on a mobile device. I need something that works on an iMac. I've not found a spreadsheet that tackles this subject with sufficient detail or clarity, nor am I skilled enough to create one that does.

Medical bills and insurance EOBs are so numerous and confusing--how can it be that no one has created something in response to the need to track this stuff? And the co-pays, Lord!

Someone please tell me that a product exists to help with detailed medical expense tracking! Apr 27, 6: Years ago I used a database program called Panorama that I developed a custom file to keep track of my EOB's, insurance payments, personal payments, etc. But I abandoned that program when its updates became much to complicated to use, switched to relational from flat and became too expensive.

The original would not work on PowerPC; that's how long ago it was. Is there a medical expense tracker app? More Less.

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Again, your information is encrypted and stored locally on your smartphone, not online. However, it's great for emergency medical situations.

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You can choose information that first responders can see without entering a password. For example, enter your doctor's contact information and email information. That way, if you are unable to speak about your medical history, emergency responders will have a way to know who does.

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It also doesn't store your information locally. You can see past appointments, lab results, prescription history and medical procedures. The secret to deep, relaxing sleep isn't what you'd expect. One way to save big on your smartphone costs. Take control of your home with Amazon Alexa and your voice Next Story Please share this information with everyone. Just click on any of the social media buttons on the side.

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