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Inicie diversos aplicativos com um clique ou Bloqueie a tela quando terminar o trabalho. Iniciar Abra qualquer conjunto de aplicativos, documentos ou outros arquivos simultaneamente com apenas um clique. Temporizador Tempo de contagem regressiva para zero. Hora mundial Veja a hora local em cidades ao redor do mundo diretamente na barra de menu. Path has been changed for upper versions. I am using Netbeans V8. Close NetBeans before deleting the cache.

Product Version: NetBeans IDE 8. Windows 7 version 6. Added the path for OSX and link to wiki. Yes, thanks so much!! This was driving me absolutely crazy, trying to track down bugs for hours that weren't actually there -- the class with the main method was not being found, and some custom exception classes were not being recognized as implementing Throwable I just deleted the stupid cache, and now all of it works fine.

Running under Netbeans 8. Pino Pino 4, 3 27 This is the best answer as it lets you go directly to the right place: Based on the nightmare errors I have solved by cleaning this cache, I'd say a big red "Clear Cache" button is required, along with the tooltip "In case all else fails". Why is this not the top voted answer? On a Mac with NetBeans 8.

Broad steps to boost performance

Reopen NetBeans. Joseph Joseph 3, 1 17 OK for Windows too! That is the best answer, coz netbeans, different linux distros and Mac keep changing the default cache directory! For Netbeans 7. AstroCB Ray Slater Ray Slater 93 1 4. I did as you've said. I just close all open project at netbean by highlighting all open project, right click and click close.

Then closed netbean and delete cache at C: To resolve the problem I had to close my open projects before closing netbeans and deleting the cache. Thanks Ray! In Window 7 the cache is located at C: Carlrissian Carlrissian 61 1 1. For more information, see Advanced cropping, resizing, and resampling. You can improve system performance by freeing up unused memory and scratch disk space from Photoshop to make it available to other programs.

To do so, choose one of these options:. If other programs are actively trying to allocate or use the memory, freeing up memory in Photoshop will improve performance. Freeing up scratch disk space will be beneficial if you're out of space on a disk volume. If you free up significant memory or disk space, Photoshop will be slower the next time you open large files, while Photoshop allocates space.

See Adjust memory usage. In fact, for some utilities, you may need to explicitly request the update. The Purge command cannot be undone. The Filter Gallery allows you to test one or more filters on an image before applying the effects, which can save considerable time and memory. See Filter Gallery overview for more information. Dragging layers or files is more efficient than copying and pasting them. Dragging bypasses the Clipboard and transfers data directly.

Copying and pasting can potentially involve more data transfer and is much less efficient. Layers are fundamental to working in Photoshop, but they increase file size and redraw time. Photoshop recomposes each layer after each change in the image. After you complete changes to layers, flatten merge them to reduce file size. Also make sure to remove any empty layers from the file.

Photoshop does not let you separate layers after merging them. See Work with Smart Objects. Photoshop can save layers in TIFF files. The Export Clipboard option causes Photoshop to make the contents of the clipboard available to other programs. See information on restarting the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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Photoshop generally runs faster with more processor cores, although some features take greater advantage of the additional cores than others. The more cores you use, the less you get from each additional core. If you are running Photoshop in a virtual environment, Photoshop's GPU use can cause performance issues. Virtual machines cannot access the GPU.

Photoshop uses random access memory RAM to process images. If Photoshop has insufficient memory, it uses hard-disk space, also known as a scratch disk, to process information. Accessing information in memory is faster than accessing information on a hard disk. Therefore, Photoshop is fastest when it can process all or most image information in RAM.

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For instructions on how you can specify how much RAM to allocate to Photoshop, see Adjust memory usage. The Efficiency indicator can help you determine whether getting a faster hard disk or solid-state disk would improve your performance. To improve Photoshop performance, use a disk with a fast data transfer rate. Network servers hard disk accessed over a network have slower data transfer rates. The latest version of Photoshop requires at least 2. Installation requires additional space, and Adobe recommends more hard-disk space for virtual memory and scratch disk space.

Fast RAID 0 arrays make excellent scratch disks, especially if you use the array exclusively for your scratch disk. To gain the greatest benefit from an SSD, use it as the scratch disk.

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Add it after the SSD. Make sure that these disks are selected as scratch disks in the Performance preferences.

How to use your Seagate External Drive

Also, SSDs vary widely in performance, much more so than hard disks. Using an earlier, slower drive results in little improvement over a hard disk. The lower the Efficiency indicator, the greater the improvement an SSD offers. For more information on performance and bit Photoshop, see bit OS benefits, limitations. Use the following information to set up and use your operating system efficiently with Photoshop.

Other open applications and startup items decrease the amount of memory available to Photoshop. To free up additional memory, quit unnecessary applications, startup items, and extensions. Then, make more memory available to Photoshop. From time to time, run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files and any other files that are not being used. Photoshop takes longer to read or write a fragmented file than one saved to a contiguous location.

Fragmentation is rarely a problem on Mac OS, unless you normally run with the drive nearly full. Fragmentation is more likely to be an issue if you use a single disk for everything.

In this case, defragmenting the disk can make a significant difference. Updates to the Windows or Mac OS X operating system improve its performance and compatibility with applications.

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For Windows, turn on Windows Update. Specifying a fixed virtual memory setting helps prevent Photoshop scratch disk files from competing for the space with virtual memory especially if you set the virtual memory setting on a different drive from the primary scratch disk. Be sure to use a drive with enough free, contiguous space for the best performance.

Also, keep the paging file on a separate, empty, defragmented hard disk. As always, the advice to use separate disks for virtual memory and scratch disks does not apply to solid-state disks. Click each hard disk letter to show the available space on that drive. Click Set , and then click OK. Continue to click OK to exit all dialog boxes. Restart the computer: If you have applications open, select Restart Later , close your applications, and then restart Windows.

Otherwise, click Restart Now. Optimize Photoshop CC performance Search.

Cómo liberar espacio de almacenamiento en tu Mac

Photoshop User Guide. Select an article: On this page Broad steps to boost performance Set performance-related preferences Fine-tune Photoshop features for performance Optimize your hardware setup for Photoshop Optimize your operating system for Photoshop. Applies to: Photoshop CC. Tweak your operating system, hardware, and application settings to help your computer run Photoshop stably at the optimum speed.

If Photoshop is running slower than expected on your computer, or if you're experiencing system freezes, lags, or delays while using Photoshop, try the tips and techniques outlined in this document. Broad steps to boost performance. There are four primary ways to affect performance in Photoshop: Specify Photoshop performance preferences Fine-tune Photoshop features Optimize your hardware setup Optimize your operating system for Photoshop The easiest way to improve performance, without spending money, is to set your Photoshop preferences and fine-tune its features to take advantage of the way you work and the type of files you typically work with.

The most dramatic way to increase performance is investing in faster and more-powerful hardware. Set performance-related preferences. Performance preferences in Photoshop. Adjust the memory allocated to Photoshop. Alternatively, adjust the Memory Usage slider. Restart Photoshop to enable your changes.