Gamepad companion free download mac

Unfortunately when I try to make changes the program crashes. There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix this.

GamePad Companion for Mac Free download

I have tried to reinstall the program, remake the. Tried with various controllers and controllers that used to work fine.

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I hope this app is updated again one day but seeing all the negative reviews has probably killed it for the developer. It is very dissapointing because once you wrap your mind around how to set up your controller properly - this was the best option for controller emulation, specifically FPS games like COD.

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This is a tool-of-the-trade for those that use their computers as gaming platforms. This one is a little more refined than most, and works very well.

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I have to think that the problems others are having with this app are on their end; I use it all the time and nerver had any trouble with it. With some of these key-binding apps, performance issues start to emerge when mouse movement is assigned to either of the thumbsticks - not here. Something went wrong hereā€¦ - Re-edit: Michael Bushnell wrote:.

GamePad Companion for Mac free Download

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Ulf wrote:.

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Washington DC Registered: May 7, Posts: Thu Jan 03, 5: Enjoy2 is a simple program for OSX that allows you to transform joystick inputs into keyboard or mouse events. The app supports multiple configurations for different games or programs and you can even map joystick buttons to change configurations SetPoint by Logitech is a free application that gives users the possibility to easily customize Alternative to: Show alternatives.

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  • Popular choice Developer website. Alternatives 5 Comments 0. Download Enjoyable Free by Yukkuri Games. Not an alternative?