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This is especially important when you [ Vous aurez notamment besoin de ces informations lors de l'utilisatio n [ To do this, [ Pour cela, pressez et [ You can select more than [ In this document, [ Dans ce document , quand n ous [ It is usually labeled Ctrl rarely, Control or Ctl is seen on keyboards which use English abbreviations for key labeling. Abbreviations in the language of the keyboard layout also are in use. On teletypewriters and early keyboards , holding down the Control key while pressing another key zeroed the leftmost two bits of the seven bits in the generated ASCII character.

These are non-printing characters that signal the computer to control where the next character will be placed on the display device , eject a printed page or erase the screen, ring the terminal bell, or some other operation. Aptly, these characters are also called control characters. Using the Ctrl key with either lowercase letters e. In modern computers, the interpretation of keypresses is generally left to the software. Modern keyboards distinguish each physical key from every other and report all keypresses and releases to the controlling software.

When the original purpose of the ASCII control characters became either obsolete or seldom used, later software appropriated the Control key combinations for other purposes. The traditional layout was preserved for later workstation systems and is often associated with Unix workstations. Keyboards from Sun Microsystems came in two layouts; "Unix" and "PC-style", with the Unix layout having the traditional placing of the Control key and other keys.

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Some users of keyboards with caps lock on the left remap the keys to exchange Control and caps lock, finding the traditional location more ergonomic for using programs benefiting from use of the Control key. Keyboard layout preferences specifically to address this need are available in some operating systems.

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Others leave the control key in the lower-left corner of the keyboard, and press it using the side of their palm. The choice of location for the control key often comes down to the typist's hand shape and posture. There are several common notations for pressing the Control key in conjunction with another key.

Each notation below means press and hold Ctrl while pressing the X key:. Different application programs, user interfaces, and operating systems use the various control key combinations for different purposes. In early first-person shooters , the left Ctrl key is often used to fire a weapon. In newer games, the key is often used for crouching instead. Macintoshes also have a Control key , but it has different functionality.

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The original Apple mouse design reduced complexity by only offering one button. As the interface developed, Contextual Menus were offered to access extra options. Another button was needed to access these.

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On Unix and Windows, the user had other mouse buttons to use. Apple calls this a "secondary click" as left-handers can choose which side this button is on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Children's laptop inspires open source projects". Linux World. Retrieved