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Display order could differ on floor plan and on layout. Doors could be misplaced in mirrored Curtain Wall. Elements were visible on Interior Elevation outside of its horizontal range. Header of element schedule was not editable. Incorrect display of dotted lines if 2D antialiasing is turned off. Level and elevation dimensions were not refreshed after changing altitude. Migrating old plans could result in overridden elements in the default renovation filter of the AUS version.

Model View Options had no effect on the display of door, window objects on the layout if they did not have 2D script. Position of mirrored auto text could differ on floor plan and on layout. Show function did not work for Sun Study. Text could become white while zooming. Adding new node to a Mesh could change the height of the whole element. Cursor Snap Variants were not available from toolbar. Select on Floor Plan command did not work on certain elements in Element Lists. Selection could switch to the adjacent element when starting to edit a polygonal element e.

Fill, Slab, Zone that is placed right next to an other. Unlock All command did not work on MEP elements if the add-on was missing. Wall could disappear when adjusted in 3D with Surface Snap. Wall cut could be incorrect in curved walls. Zone data could grow causing performance problems. Multi-insertion with "0" value in the DWG resulted in missing elements.

Openings could be misplaced in a 3D DWG. To activate this key, a registry PC or Preferences Mac modification should be applied: Start ArchiCAD. Press the "Save Settings and Close" button. Please note that in case of Doors placed in Walls with Complex Profiles the opening lines will not be transferred to Revit due to a Revit bug that our Add-in cannot solve.

If reveal is applied to the doors, the wall display might be incorrect when we open the IFC file in Revit. See details: Improved BREP to extruded geometry conversion in case of curtain wall frames. Incorrect opening at certain third-party windows. When you save a file as IFC, the glob context was always 0. Incorrect export of windows with particular shading devices. We have created a registry option to embed these profiles in the elements as special Custom profile instead of editable profile attribute.

Press the Save Settings and Close button. Users can later capture and duplicate these custom profiles using the "Capture element's profile When importing IFC file there is now an option to create resulting library parts in a linked library instead of the embedded library. To activate this option, a registry PC or Preferences Mac option needs to be set: Please note that this option is not available with TW projects.

Before a new importing process make sure that your IFC files are placed into the particular folder where the new library folder structure is needed. Windows could be imported with incorrect elevation from Allplan.

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Missing slab and wall edges. Custom windows could seem to be missing in migrated plans. Generating elevation was slow if walls had many hotspots. Trace Reference could cause speed issues with certain 3D engine settings. Crash could occur when releasing Scheme Settings after certain modifications. Dimension texts were missing until zooming in from independent sections after sharing the project. Custom model view options under certain circumstances incorrectly handled reservation information.

The PLN backups were not created afterwards. Floor plan was missing in some cases. When you saved a file as IFC, the glob context was always 0. Hotlinked IFC elements with custom profiles could be misplaced in the host file because of attribute name collision. For this registry PC or Preferences Mac option to be set please do take the following steps: License borrowing was disabled due to a problem caused by first time borrowing in a new version of ArchiCAD.

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InitCore" error message because of the roaming profile handling of BIMx. Crash could happen while checking drawing setting of an elevation that would not place. Editing window schedule fields could cause crash in ArchiCAD. Updating schedule drawing on layout could cause crash in ArchiCAD. Content of a 3D Document that was saved from Marquee selection could be lost after re-opening the plan. Dimensions in drawings could extend beyond their actual placement. In drawing manager "Not read yet" status could appear after drawings had been relinked. In GER Version part of the zone geometry with lower than 0.

Incorrect Label default setting: Marquee area could not be printed correctly on MAC from rotated view. Print Marquee Area printed wrong area if used with rotated views. Saving a region defined by Marquee to PDF was wrong if rotated orientation was used.

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Story elevation markers could show wrong information until manually refreshed. Wrong scale value could appear near the Fit to page check box. Zone Category is visible in 2D but cannot be listed in Schedule. Zone relations of doors were not scheduled properly in case of walls with custom profile. Zoom settings were not stored for views within a cloned folder.

ArchiCAD could crash when updating the layouts. After converting Mesh to Morph texture alignment went wrong and couldn't be aligned again. Cumulative Distance on Section was extended with the current story height. Cutting a hole into a mesh could mix up the heights of the remaining mesh points. Dimension placement in direction of slanted guideline was not possible. Drawing Tool could not be panned or dragged with marquee on Floor plan. Entering a value into the tracker with the Offset Edge command on a Roof resulted in a much smaller offset.

Feedback when stretching a Zone vertically in the 3D window could be incorrect in some cases. Find and Replace did not work in GDL editing windows. In AUS version beams uncut line became solid after copy-paste.

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On Layouts in Drawings originating from Worksheets the scale of fill could change after moving one node of the frame polygon. Renovation override of columns were lost when stretching or elevating them to stick into the story above their home story. Switching between the Active view and the Trace reference view could cause a third View to be displayed as Trace reference.

Visual feedback was gone after using the horizontal scroll feature of Logitech mice. When Bulge command was used on Morph elements the segmentation of the feedback was different from the result if the plan was far from origin.


When right clicking on a surface of an element to bring up the context menu the selection could switch to that element. With multiple elements selected Show On Renovation Filter status could incorrectly be changed for some elements. ArchiCAD could crash when moving a drawing from one layout to another in some cases. ArchiCAD crashed when a placed elevation line had a 0 length part.

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  • Some changes in morph geometry were not transferred in to the host file. Elements could be exported with incorrect coordinates. Cannot write output file error message appears if layout name contains ";" character. Dimension texts moved to custom location did not keep their position when the plan was saved as DWG. Objects using File operations were incorrectly exported to DWG. Template file was not taken into account. Using a DWG file as a template during the export could result in "Cannot write output file" error message.

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    Opening particular DWG files could cause crash. Fills could be missing because of incorrect conversion when importing DWG file. The saved Piranesi file was faulty. Coordinates will be exported with up to 12 digits resulting in more accurate building placement in case of models far from the origin. IFC export failed if the project contained profile walls missing the profile attribute. Space containment data were not exported into IFC. Texts with national characters were exported incorrectly into. Curve Edge Basic Morph Editing: Transforming Morphs: Box Stretch a Morph Transforming Morphs: Cover with Faces Transforming Morphs: Custom Face Settings.

    Example Workflows Example: Create Custom Door Leaf Example: Example 1: Simple Mapping Example 2: Calculate a Quantity and Round Up Example 5: Calculate a Length and Add Overhang Example 6: Calculate Number of Tiles to Purchase Example List the Total Cost of a Structure in Dollars. About Worksheets Worksheet vs. Openings By Renovation Status: Override Examples. Adding Insulation to Walls: Vectorial vs. Layout Workflow: Smaller Projects Layout Workflow: Larger Projects.

    Revision Management Workflow Revision Management: Working from Home and the Office: Energy Evaluation Workflow: Overview General Settings for Energy Evaluation. Symbolic vs. Linear Dimension Tool Settings. Bluebeam Connection. Format Wizard: Content Tab Page Format Wizard: Fields Tab Page. Calculation Examples B: Graphic Template Setup Example.

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    Preview and Positioning Panel General Settings. Insert Junction Elements. Editing Straight Segments. Classification Management. Introduction of 3D Styles.