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I can honestly say I am madly in love with this packaging and will be getting A LOT from this collection! Now, most frosts do have a slight drying effect, so make sure you know what lipsticks suit you and if you can handle the finish. And, of course, I paired this lipstick with a teal, silver and golden look! I will do a review on those mainly Pure Sculpture as it is supposed to be permanent! Mascara is Maybelline Teal Appeal. Will you be waiting for this collection? I know I sure will be!!

Remember, I will update the post as time gets closer to the release. Left to right: Enchanted one Siren song Pet me please Goddess of the sea. I used Enchanted one over the whole lip. Topped it off with siren song to switch the lips from matte to glossy. Goddess of the sea was then added to all 4 corners leaving the centre of the lips empty. Added pet me please to the centre of the lips for the pop of frost. Add me on Facebook: Beauty Tips , Beauty tools , Cosmetics , makeup.

Like Like. Can I ask about the price of the usual M. C lipstick which is sold at the price of 16 USD in the website? And how is the price of M.

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You are here: June 8, 4 Comments Review: The aquatic theme is amazeballs. Yes, those water droplets are 3D! There are 5 colors in this collection although I only managed to grab hold of 4 personally. Thumbs up for the lipsticks in this collection. It seems no one at Quickbooks knows the answer or wants to tell me the costs. Can you help with an answer please?

Thanks for reaching out! Before filing for taxes, you can export data directly from QuickBooks Self-Employed for your records including Transactions, Miles, and all Reports. You can also use Turbo Tax to download your current and previous tax records so long as you have paid for Turbo Tax this year. Since you are paying for and using QuickBooks Self-Employed with Turbo Tax, you should be able to follow these instructions to access records.

Former bookkeeper with a lot of experience with QuickBooks online, but I always worked under supervision of the CPA and almost never actually prepared taxes, payroll, or quarterlies or very limited experience of these anyway. I now have a small S Corp doing strictly consulting for one company that I contract to, and basically no invoicing needed. What I really need assistance with from the software is quarteries, how I should be doing payroll, and annual tax returns. It sounds to me like QuickBooks Self-Employed might be a better fit for your company.

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Am I missing this or does it not exist? Thanks, Suzanne. I really appreciate your comments regarding QBSE being more of a [federal] tax reporting app by making it very easy to categorize expenses as business or personal, and tracking mileage. Do you have any thoughts on this? I find it can do everything I need from an accounting perspective, if you know how to properly setup categories and tags, and are disciplined about categorizing and tagging transactions. Of course this was not the case, and that is what you get when you take a shortcut that leads one down the road to hell rather than the path to salvation…but I digress.

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Your comments about QBSE support are reminiscent of what I went through when I contacted them for instructions about completely deleting my existing data, essentially doing an account reset, so I could do a fresh import of my now properly categorized MINT data after tax season, and move forward with I now know this is not the case, that the import of MINT transactions was a first-time set-up. This feature looks to have been discontinued. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Hi Alexander, Thanks for reaching out! Wave is probably the best software for separating personal and business expense, but its reports and exporting are limited and there is no tax support. FreeAgent might be more up your alley. So if spending less time on exporting is your main concern, this could be a good solution. I hope some part of this was helpful! Please let me know if you have any more questions. Chelsea, Great review.

This is my first round with QB Self-Employed and it may be enough since we usually just invoice an assistant. Our lines are blurry with what is marketing vs. Do you know of a package that is designed specifically for Real Estate agents? QB may be the best out there for right now? Luckily, there are plenty of other option out there!

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Haul + Swatches and Dupes

QuickBooks Online might be a good place to start looking. QuickBooks is known for having one of the strongest chart of accounts available. The software offers live bank feeds and automatic transaction categorization, which makes tracking expenses really easy. It offers great invoicing when you need it, and best of all there is a feature called Locations and Classes. This feature lets you sort transactions, billable hours, and estimates by a specific location or class aka the categories and subcategories issues you had mentioned.

You can also run reports by specific class or location, which might come in handy for a real estate agent. The only kicker with QuickBooks Online is that it may be too comprehensive for what you are looking for. And depending on how many users you have, it might not be worth the extra cost as only the most expensive plan allows for more than 5 users, and each additional user after the five you are allotted costs extra. In terms of realtor-specific accounting software, I have not personally tested any realtor-specific software.

Here are a few options I found that are definitely worth looking into. App Folio This software covers accounting, marketing, leasing, rental applications, online leases, and websites with vacancy posting and lead tracking. The accounting features offered include reports, accounts payable bills , budgeting, and bank reconciliation.

BrokerSumo Okay this is an interesting option. So BrokerSumo is designed for real estate agents and brokers. It offers features like real estate pipeline management, lead tracking, and commission management. It syncs with QuickBooks to give you realtor specific reports. If you do end up going with QuickBooks Online, it might be a way to gain realtor-specific features without sacrificing true accounting.

RealtyZam Accounting Of the three, this one seems the most like true accounting software.

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  • Also, I am really curious to know if any of these do work as strong accounting solutions for realtors and would love to hear back from you if you find one you love. Before purchasing any of these software, I highly recommend requesting a demo or free trial to make sure you like the software.

    A good company is one that is consistently updating and improving their software, and that is open about their product and services. Also see if you can find any customer reviews from sources like G2Crowd or TrustRadius. Here are two articles of ours that explains a little more about cloud security: Is My Accounting Safe in the Cloud?

    A First Look at Online Security?. And here is a final article about what to look for in an accounting software. As of tonight, Quicken is telling me that my password is wrong for getting into Capitol One. They tell me to go there directly to make sure I can get in. I get in just fine thank you. In your review of Quick Books Self Employed, did you notice if it automatically did the same thing?

    And if so, can you turn it off? Best regards, Pete Malan. Hi Pete, Thanks for reaching out! In my experience, QuickBooks Self-Employed has never done that. The software is able to calculate home office deductions, but it does not do so automatically and it is the only home deduction QuickBooks Self-Employed supports. As a self-employed photographer, I think QuickBooks Self-Employed would be a really good option for tracking your expenses and staying on top of taxes and deductions. I hope this helps you muster up the courage to give the software a try.

    There is a free trail that you can use to make sure the software is right for you. Let us know if you have any other questions! Best wishes, -Chelsea Krause. I paid for a bundle of Quick Books self employed plus one included federal and state filing in Turbo Tax. I spent hours manually entering all my invoices and records into QB.

    I spent about three hours on the phone and in webchat with customer support trying to figure out how to connect the two accounts and redeem my included federal and state filings.

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    I first spoke to the Turbo Tax support who did not seem to understand my issue, and ultimately told me to speak with the QB support. When I reached QB support, again, they did not seem to understand the problem, and ultimately told me to call Turbo Tax support. I find this lack of accountability or willingness to help to be extremely disappointing. I lean toward the latter. Not flexible at all. For the Schedule C categories, it does not even include Communications, which is one of my larger deductions. You are not supposed to deduct things like cell phones, wireless access, etc.

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    You can change the category, only to specific categories that they have so you cannot correct any errors. For one of my payees, I need to split all of the transactions, but the software only allows me to key in the percent of the transaction. It is just very lacking. Not sure where to post this. My wife retired from a non-profit who have hired her as a part time consultant.