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This event was associated with the appearance of his Gismonda poster promoting the Sarah Bernhardt play of that name in Paris in At an estate sale in a small collage bearing a likeness of Mucha's Gismonda was offered. It had been fabricated by gluing slivers cut from sixty postage stamps to a 20cm ceramic tile. Digital computer image enhancement was applied to the collage design, initials on a walking stick from the same estate collection, and the Mucha poster.

These geometrical analyses revealed that the collage is more detailed than the Mucha "original". This led to our hypothesis that the famous poster was a hasty photographic plagiarism of the intricate ceramic-tile collage. Image analyses of the initials on the companion walking stick revealed conformity with the famous enigmatic "P GO" monogram of Paul Gauguin. We conclude that Gauguin rather than Mucha created the Gismonda composition.

Historical evidence suggests that, while Gauguin was in Brittany recovering from injuries sustained in a fistfight, Annah la Javanese stole his possessions and took them to Paris where her next lover, Mucha, copied the collage and presented it as his original poster design. Paul Tillich and psychoanalysis. Paul Tillich was one of the leading theologians of the twentieth century.

Tillich was born in Germany and received his education and first academic appointments there. Tillich left Germany in to teach at Union Theological Seminary after having been dismissed from his university position by the National Socialist government for his radical views and political associations. In the United States, he became a highly successful lecturer, preacher, and public intellectual who reached numbers of persons who had departed or who had doubts regarding traditional religious belief and practice.

Tillich underwent a series of traumatic losses in the early decades of his life that powerfully shaped his subsequent contributions to religious and cultural discourse. This essay outlines this pattern of loss and speculates about its impact upon his theological work. It lifts up Tillich's perspective of living and working "on the boundary" of disciplines, eras, and cultures, most particularly where psychoanalytic ideas contributed to his "theology of culture.

The essay concludes with a summary critique of Tillich's work along with an affirmation of his considerable legacy. James Peacock, Understanding Paul Auster. Indeed, his compelling storytelling style taken together with his mixing of crime fiction and absurdism has made his readers and critics vacillate between praise and condemnation.

Embora seja conhecido pelos especialistas, este artigo p. DoranBernard claims in the end of his text to have written this article in Aix in March Tim 50a, a nuclear isoform of the mitochondrial Tim 50, interacts with proteins involved in snRNP biogenesis. It is not known how nascent snRNPs localize to the CB and are released from this structure after modification. Loss of coilin function in mice leads to significant viability and fertility problems and altered CB formation.

Results In this report, we identify a minor isoform of the mitochondrial Tim 50, Tim 50a, as a coilin interacting protein. The Tim 50a transcript can be detected in some cancer cell lines and normal brain tissue. The Tim 50a protein differs only from Tim 50 in that it contains an additional aa N-terminal to the translation start of Tim Importantly, a putative nuclear localization signal is found within these residues.

In contrast to Tim 50, which localizes to the cytoplasm and mitochondria, Tim 50a is strictly nuclear and is enriched in speckles with snRNPs. Conclusion Tim 50a may play a role in snRNP biogenesis given its cellular localization and protein interaction characteristics. These proteins enhance entry of Ebola virus EBOV and other viruses by binding PtdSer on the viral envelope, concentrating virus on the cell surface, and promoting subsequent internalization.

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The PtdSer-binding activity of the immunoglobulin-like variable IgV domain is essential for both virus binding and internalization by TIM Here, we investigate the domains supporting enhancement of enveloped virus entry, thereby defining the features necessary for a functional PVEER. Using a variety of chimeras and deletion mutants, we found that in addition to a functional PtdSer-binding domain PVEERs require a stalk domain of sufficient length, containing sequences that promote an extended structure.

Neither the cytoplasmic nor the transmembrane domain of TIM -1 is essential for enhancing virus entry, provided the protein is still plasma membrane bound. This identification of the key features necessary for PtdSer-mediated enhancement of virus entry provides a basis for more effective recognition of unknown PVEERs. These proteins enhance virus entry by binding the phospholipid, PtdSer, present on the viral. Paul Beynel He carried out tests on materials and components that were used in the construction of the SPS. Following the commissioning of the SPS in and when the two laboratories were merged into one, Paul became a member of the Radiation Protection group.

There, he had two roles: Thanks to his detailed analyses and shrewd interpretation of the results, he became a recognised expert in the field - a recognition that extended far beyond the boundaries of CERN. He wrote many reports and co-authored several volumes of the CERN "yellow reports" issued as a catalogue on the radioresistance of materials and which continue to serve as reference works today. In July Paul ha On 15 April, for his invention of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee was awarded the first ever Millennium Technology Prize by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation, which recognises technological innovations of lasting benefit to society.

The Web is encouraging new types of social networks, contributing to transparency and democracy, and opening up new avenues for information management and business development," underlined Pekka Tarjanne, chairman of the jury and former Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union ITU. CERN released the Web into the public domain in The intermediate state in Paul.

Full Text Available The point of view taken in this paper is that the apostle Paul envisions, between death and the resurrection of the body at the Parousia, an interim period during which the disembodied soul is in the immediate presence of Christ, though in a state of 'nakedness'. The background of Paul 's view lies neither in contemporary Hellenistic religious-philosophical speculations nor in 'late-Judaism'.

Two crucial 'forces' in particular moulded his perspective, viz the teachings of Jesus and His own rapture to 'Paradise'. Garrini videotest, pikemalt videost "Free Society", Internetiga tegelemisest, projektist "Mediafilter", interaktiivsetest installatsioonidest, domeeninimede registreerimise projektist "name. The goal of this project is to increase the scientific knowledge and appreciation bases and skills of pre-service and in-service middle school teachers, so as to impact positively on teaching, learning, and student retention.

This report lists the objectives and summarizes the progress thus far. Seven of the eight instructional subject-oriented modules are also included. The modules include informative materials and corresponding questions and educational activities in a textbook format. The subjects included here are the universe and stars; the sun and its place in the universe; our solar system; astronomical instruments and scientific measurements; the moon and eclipses; the earth's atmosphere: The module not included regards winds and circulation.

Tim Peake and Britain's road to space. In addition, this book discusses the learning curves required in astronaut and mission training and the complexity of the technologies required to launch an astronaut and keep them alive for months on end. This book underscores the fact that technology and training, unlike space, do not exist in a vacuum; complex technical systems, like the ISS, interact with the variables of human personality, and the cultural background of the astronauts.

Dirac, Prof. Paul Adrien Maurice. The 29th Mid-year When a group of physicists entered the Main Auditorium, during the evening of 29 June, they felt they had opened a time portal. Paul Dirac in front of a blackboard showing his formula. Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac was a British mathematical physicist at Cambridge, and one of the "fathers" of quantum mechanics. When he first wrote it, in , Dirac was not sure what his formula really meant. As demonstrated by Andersson four year later, what Dirac had written on the blackboard was the first definition of a positron, hence he is credited with having anticipated the existence of antimatter.

The actor John Kohl performs as Paul Dirac. Awakening Abolitionists. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow used to be both the best-known poet in the English-speaking world and the most beloved, adored by the learned and the lowly alike, read by everyone from Nathaniel Hawthorne and Abraham Lincoln to John Ruskin and Queen Victoria--and, just as avidly, by the queen's servants. Inimesest kui karjaloomast, inimloomusest ja sallivusest.

Oomen, TIM -1 signaling in B cells regulates antibody production. Members of the T cell Ig and mucin TIM family have recently been implicated in the control of T cell-mediated immune responses. In vitro stimulation of activated B cells by anti- TIM -1 mAb enhanced proliferation and expression of a plasma cell marker syndecan-1 CD We further examined the effect of TIM -1 signaling on antibody production in vitro and in vivo. These results suggest that TIM -1 signaling in B cells augments antibody production by enhancing B cell proliferation and differentiation. Paul Bouchardy — It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden passing of our former colleague and friend, Paul Bouchardy, on Friday 17 February.

He knew the world like the back of his hand, and many people have benefited from his vast knowledge and expert tourist advice. In these difficult days, our thoughts are with his wife and children and grandchildren, the family he cherished above all else and who accompanied him until embarking on his final journey. His friends and former colleagues at CERN.

This fuller picture notably extends the degree to which images of non-white subjects are seen to be in circulation. I also draw attention to the ways in which American and English artistic circles intersected outside as well as within these two countries, a point reinforced by looking at American women sculptors in Rome in the s, paying particular attention to the work of the part African-American, part Native American sculptor, Edmonia Lewis.

In her work can be seen a complex set of attitudes towards her subject matter that remind one forcefully of the many racial and cultural strands coming together in new American art. Together with a small team he conceived HTML, http, URLs, and put up the first server and the first 'what you see is what you get' browser and html editor. The isotopic ratio of Nd, Sm, and Gd can provide important information regarding fissile material nuclear devices, reactors , neutron environment, and device yield.

There has been an increasing trend to measure smaller and smaller quantities of Sm bearing samples. In nuclear forensics ng of Sm are needed for precise measurement. Kritik Nalar Hermeneutika Paul Ricoeur. Full Text Available Hermeneutics was born and developed in the West, specifically in response to the theological problem of Christianity, and always claimed to be an effective solution to the interpretation of Scripture. With existence of various schools, hermeneutics has also various shades and resulted different interpretations. Such as Schleiermacher, followed by Wilhelm Dilthey and Emilio Betti as initiators of hermeneutics methodology.

Martin Heidegger and Gadamer followed with their ontological hermeneutics, and continued by Habermas with his critical hermeneutics. After that, the critical ontological hermeneutics initiated by either Paul Ricoeur, or Rudolf Bultman with his theological hermeneutics, and Derrida with his deconstructive hermeneutics. Among those schools, the writers interested in reviewing the hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur which represents a distinctive theory of interpretation.

His idea considered to be a bridge of the fierce debate between methodological traditions and philosophical traditions represented by Emilio Betti and Hans Georg Gadamer. The thought of Ricoeur was also claimed as a mediator between the positions of the romantic tradition of Schleiermacher and Dilthey with philosophy hermeneutic by Martin Heidegger. Through this paper, the writer will attempt to unravel the thought of Paul Ricoeur, and in the end, will clearly known the position of Ricoeur among other hermeneutics initiators.

Was Paul among the contemplatives? The article argues that contemporary contemplatives, especially Dallas Willard and Richard Foster, differ from Paul in three principle areas. Paul Levaux From October until December he represented Belgium in the capacity of Council and Finance Committee delegate. He also served as Vice-President of Council from January until December with a second term from January to December In addition to holding these important offices, Paul Levaux participated in an extensive number of CERN working groups.

There are those who call it To boldly go where people can't The Train Inspection Monorail, affectionately referred to as ' TIM ,' will allow scientists, technicians and engineers to view and take measurements in the LHC tunnel when it is inaccessible to humans. TIM in the tunnel. Imagine being able to view parts of the LHC before people are allowed into the tunnel after the beam has been circulating The Train Inspection Monorail, or ' TIM ' to its closer friends, is a modular train that will run along the ceiling of the LHC tunnel, helping many groups on site to address the problems of inspecting, measuring and even handling equipment in the LHC when radiation levels and cryogenic hazards will restrict personnel access to the tunnel.

TIM was developed Precursor proteins of the solute carrier family and of channel forming Tim components are imported into mitochondria in two main steps. They are passed on to the TIM 22 complex, which facilitates their insertion into the inner membrane. Thus, these components are sufficient for translocation of AAC precursor across the outer membrane.

Analysis of TIMS performance subjected to simulated wind blast. The results of the performance of the Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner TIMS when it is subjected to various wind conditions in the laboratory are described. Various wind conditions were simulated using a 24 inch fan or combinations of air jet streams blowing toward either or both of the blackbody surfaces. The fan was used to simulate a large volume of air flow at moderate speeds up to 30 mph. The small diameter air jets were used to probe TIMS system response in reaction to localized wind perturbations. The maximum nozzle speed of the air jet was 60 mph.

A range of wind directions and speeds were set up in the laboratory during the test. The majority of the wind tests were conducted under ambient conditions with the room temperature fluctuating no more than 2 C. The temperature of the high speed air jet was determined to be within 1 C of the room temperature. TIMS response was recorded on analog tape.

Additional thermistor readouts of the blackbody temperatures and thermocouple readout of the ambient temperature were recorded manually to be compared with the housekeeping data recorded on the tape. Additional tests were conducted under conditions of elevated and cooled room temperatures. The room temperature was varied between The calibration parameters needed for quantitative analysis of TIMS data were first plotted on a scanline-by-scanline basis.

These parameters are the low and high blackbody temperature readings as recorded by the TIMS and their corresponding digitized count values. Using these values, the system transfer equations were calculated. This equation allows us to compute the flux for any video count by computing the slope and intercept of the straight line that relates the flux to the digital count.

The actual video of the target the lab floor in this case was then compared with a simulated target. This simulated target was assumed to be a blackbody at emissivity of. Head as metaphor in Paul. Thermal ionisation mass spectrometry TIMS: Thermal ionisation mass spectrometry TIMS is one of the oldest mass spectrometric techniques, which has been used for determining the isotopic composition and concentration of different elements using isotope dilution. In spite of the introduction of many other inorganic mass spectrometric techniques like spark source mass spectrometry SSMS , glow discharge mass spectrometry GDMS , inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry ICP-MS , secondary ion mass spectrometry SIMS , the TIMS technique plays the role of a definitive analytical methodology and still occupies a unique position in terms of its capabilities with respect to precision and accuracy as well as sensitivity.

A highly conserved tyrosine of Tim -3 is phosphorylated upon stimulation by its ligand galectin Weyer, Philipp S. Tim -3 is a T H 1-specific type 1 membrane protein and regulates T H 1 proliferation and the development of tolerance. Binding of galectin-9 to the extracellular domain of Tim -3 results in apoptosis of T H 1 cells, but the intracellular pathways involved in the regulatory function of Tim -3 are unknown.

Unlike Tim -1, which is expressed in renal epithelia and cancer, Tim -3 has not been described in cells other than neuronal or T-cells. We have cloned Tim -3 from an immortalized liver cell carcinoma line and identified a highly conserved tyrosine in the intracellular tail of Tim -3 Y We demonstrate that Y is specifically phosphorylated in vivo by the interleukin inducible T cell kinase ITK , a kinase which is located in close proximity of the TIM genes on the allergy susceptibility locus 5q Stimulation of Tim -3 by its ligand galectin-9 results in increased phosphorylation of Y, suggesting that this tyrosine residue plays an important role in downstream signalling events regulating T-cell fate.

Given the role of TIM proteins in autoimmunity and cancer, the conserved SH2 binding domain surrounding Y could represent a possible target site for pharmacological intervention. Paul Paulus on group creativity. Paul Paulus's research interests revolve around Group Creativity: On the one hand, creative processes are often conceptualized as individual-level phenomena. On the other hand,. A pesar de presentar mayores comorbilidades, las mujeres con falla cardiaca reciben con menor frecuencia terapias como los betabloqueadores y el cardiodesfibrilador implantable que han demostrado disminuir la mortalidad.

The "Internet, Web, What's next? Tim Berners-Lee: El presente Cat?? Literature in focus: Paul Ginsparg. Paul Ginsparg, professor of physics, computing and information science at Cornell University, is best known as the creator of an online system for distributing scientific research results. Known by scientists around the world as "arXiv. Ginsparg, at the time based at Los Alamos, carried out this work in his spare time using surplus equipment! It is amusing to look backwards and observe how this new technology was perceived in the beginning: He suggested that a Web interface along the lines of the xxx.

A response came back from another committee member: Point of view: Paul Simon. In this article, former US Senator Paul Simon notes that, in his lifetime, the population of the world has tripled and is expected to quadruple. The US was extremely short-sighted when it reduced funding for the international family planning FP programs that benefit all nations. More appropriate criticism would assert that the task the UNFPA is trying to accomplish is too important and too vast for such a small staff.

Without FP programs, earth would now have to support an additional million people. Encouraging voluntary FP is humanitarian and prudent and will help protect the entire population of the world. Location - Managed Facility - St. Paul District MVP.

tim falla paul: Topics by

Paul Feyerabend: Science and the Anarchist. Presents comments on the arguments of Paul Feyerabend toward progression science. The positions held by this philosopher of science are given with accompanying remarks from other philosophers and historians. Paul Kerese President Toomas Hendrik Ilves kohtus male suurkujudega Kadriorus 6.

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PAUL 'S Paul 's Letter to the Galatians points to the influence of his missionary Acta Theologica Supplementum The author states that they spoke the word in Perge, not implying that they. Mitochondrial import of cleavable preproteins occurs at translocation contact sites, where the translocase of the outer membrane TOM associates with the presequence translocase of the inner membrane TIM 23 in a supercomplex.

Different views exist on the mechanism of how TIM 23 mediates preprotein sorting to either the matrix or inner membrane. We have accumulated distinct transport intermediates of preproteins to analyze the translocases in their active, preprotein-carrying state. These two supercomplexes do not represent separate pathways but are in dynamic exchange during preprotein translocation and sorting. Depending on the signals of the preproteins, switches between the different forms of supercomplex and TIM 23 are required for the completion of preprotein import.

Preliminary crystallographic studies of yeast mitochondrial peripheral membrane protein Tim 44p. Tim 44p is an essential mitochondrial peripheral membrane protein. To investigate the mechanism by which Tim 44p functions in the TIM 23 translocon to deliver the mitochondrial protein precursors, the yeast Tim 44p has been crystallized.

Protein translocations across mitochondrial membranes play critical roles in mitochondrion biogenesis. Protein transport from the cell cytosol to the mitochondrial matrix is carried out by the translocase of the outer membrane TOM complex and the translocase of the inner membrane TIM complexes. Tim 44p is an essential mitochondrial peripheral membrane protein and a major component of the TIM 23 translocon. To investigate the mechanism by which Tim 44p functions in the TIM 23 translocon to deliver the mitochondrial protein precursors, the yeast Tim 44p was crystallized.

The crystals diffract to 3. Structure determination by MAD methods is under way. Desarrollo de un sistema experto para el diagnostico de fallas automotrices. In this paper we present an experimental prototype of an expert system for the diagnosis Architecture of the TIM 23 inner mitochondrial translocon and interactions with the matrix import motor. Translocation of proteins from the cytosol across the mitochondrial inner membrane is driven by action of the matrix-localized multi-subunit import motor, which is associated with the TIM 23 translocon.

The architecture of the import apparatus is not well understood. Here, we report results of site-specific in vivo photocross-linking along with genetic and coimmunoprecipitation analyses dissecting interactions between import motor subunits and the translocon. The translocon is composed of the two integral membrane proteins Tim 23 and Tim 17, each containing four membrane-spanning segments.

We found that Tim 23 having a photoactivatable cross-linker in the matrix exposed loop between transmembrane domains 1 and 2 loop 1 cross-linked to Tim Alterations in this loop destabilized interaction of Tim 44 with the translocon. Analogously, Tim 17 having a photoactivatable cross-linker in the matrix exposed loop between transmembrane segments 1 and 2 loop 1 cross-linked to Pam Alterations in this loop caused destabilization of the interaction of Pam17 with the translocon. Substitution of individual photoactivatable residues in Tim 44 and Pam17 in regions we previously identified as important for translocon association resulted in cross-linking to Tim 23 and Tim 17, respectively.

Our results are consistent with a model in which motor association is achieved via interaction of Tim 23 with Tim 44, which serves as a scaffold for association of other motor components, and of Tim 17 with Pam As both Tim 44 and Pam17 have been implicated as regulatory subunits of the motor, this positioning is conducive for responding to conformational changes in the translocon upon a translocating polypeptide entering the channel. With the award The Economist, a British weekly newspaper, recognises individuals responsible for breakthroughs in Bioscience, Computing, Energy and the Environment, and Telecommunications that have a profound impact on industry.

A fifth award is given in a special "No Boundaries" category, observing innovation that transcends industries. Candidates for the awards are proposed by The Economist readers and writers, and by a group of judges. Tim Berners-Lee received the Computing award for his global hypertext project, to be known as the World Wide Web, which "forever altered the way information is shared" and is a huge contribution to the efficiency of the scientific community. Based on a programme for storing information using random associations called "Enquire", it Dr TIM: Ray-tracer TIM , with additional specialist scientific capabilities.

We describe several extensions to TIM , a raytracing program for ray-optics research. These include relativistic raytracing; simulation of the external appearance of Eaton lenses, Luneburg lenses and generalised focusing gradient-index lens GGRIN lenses, which are types of perfect imaging devices; raytracing through interfaces between spaces with different optical metrics; and refraction with generalised confocal lenslet arrays, which are particularly versatile METATOYs.

Catalogue identifier: Ireland Licencing provisions: Operating system: Catalogue identifier of previous version: JAMA [1] source code included Does the new version supersede the previous version?: Yes Nature of problem: Visualisation of scenes that include scene objects that create wave-optically forbidden light-ray fields. Solution method: Ray tracing. Reasons for new version: Significant extension of the capabilities see Summary of revisions , as demanded by our research.

Summary of revisions: Added capabilities include the simulation of different types of camera moving at relativistic speeds relative to the scene; visualisation of the external appearance of generalised focusing gradient-index GGRIN lenses, including Maxwell fisheye, Eaton and Luneburg lenses; calculation of.

Mecanismo de falla de los tubos del sobrecalentador de una caldera acuotubular. C-H, grupos funcionales: The cell surface receptor T cell immunoglobulin mucin domain 1 TIM -1 dramatically enhances filovirus infection of epithelial cells. Additionally, TIM -1 enhanced infection of a wide range of enveloped viruses, including alphaviruses and a baculovirus.

As further evidence of the critical role of enveloped-virion-associated PtdSer in TIM mediated uptake, TIM -1 enhanced internalization of pseudovirions and virus-like proteins VLPs lacking a glycoprotein, providing evidence that TIM -1 and PtdSer-binding receptors can mediate virus uptake independent of a glycoprotein. These results provide evidence for a broad role of TIM -1 as a PtdSer-binding receptor that mediates enveloped-virus uptake. Utilization of PtdSer-binding receptors may explain the wide tropism of many of these viruses and provide new avenues for controlling their virulence.

TIM -family proteins promote infection of multiple enveloped viruses through virion-associated phosphatidylserine. TIM 1 has been proposed to serve as a cellular receptor for hepatitis A virus and Ebola virus and as an entry factor for dengue virus. Here we show that TIM 1 promotes infection of retroviruses and virus-like particles VLPs pseudotyped with a range of viral entry proteins, in particular those from the filovirus, flavivirus, New World arenavirus and alphavirus families.

TIM 1 also robustly enhanced the infection of replication-competent viruses from the same families, including dengue, Tacaribe, Sindbis and Ross River viruses. Finally, the blocking of PS receptors on macrophages inhibited the entry of Ebola VLPs, suggesting that PS receptors can contribute to infection in physiologically relevant cells. Taken together our data show that TIM 1 and related PS-binding proteins promote infection of diverse families of enveloped viruses, and may therefore be useful targets for broad-spectrum antiviral therapies. Role of Tim 50 in the transfer of precursor proteins from the outer to the inner membrane of mitochondria.

Transport of essentially all matrix and a number of inner membrane proteins is governed, entirely or in part, by N-terminal presequences and requires a coordinated action of the translocases of outer and inner mitochondrial membranes TOM and TIM 23 complexes. Tim 50 is recruited to the TIM 23 complex via Tim 23 in an interaction that is essentially independent of the rest of the translocase. We find Tim 50 in close proximity to the intermembrane space side of the TOM complex where it recognizes both types of TIM 23 substrates, those that are to be transported into the matrix and those destined to the inner membrane, suggesting that Tim 50 recognizes presequences.

This function of Tim 50 depends on its association with TIM Major Additions to the Linus Pauling Canon. While by no means as rich as the various Oregon State University sites, it is well worth visiting. There are texts of various speeches including his Nobel address , many downloadable photographs, correspondence including a poignant letter to James Watson and Francis Crick concerning their "rival" structures for DNA , and much else besides. Ever since his presidential address to the American Chemical Society, and perhaps earlier, Pauling had been at loggerheads, sometimes acrimoniously so, with the medical establishment.

It is easy to imagine him somewhere in the timeless infinitude of the empyrean sporting his characteristic ear-to-ear grin. The T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain TIM family is a relatively newly described group of molecules with a conserved structure and important immunological functions. The aim of our study was to investigate the number, phenotype and functional activity We measured the surface expression of TIM Paul D. Avian cardiac physiologist. Sturkie's Avian Physiology is a highly regarded textbook for the study of comparative poultry physiology.

Less well known, however, is the contribution of Paul D. Sturkie as a pioneer in the experimental physiology of avian species. His seminal research on the cardiovascular and hemodynamic controls of chickens and egg-laying hens had a notable impact on the poultry industry and breeding practices of farmers. The purpose of this article is to highlight the contributions and practical insights of Paul D. Sturkie to the field of poultry science. Translocation of the majority of mitochondrial proteins from the cytosol into mitochondria requires the cooperation of TOM and TIM 23 complexes in the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes.

The molecular mechanisms underlying this cooperation remain largely unknown. Here, we present biochemical and genetic evidence that at least two contacts from the side of the TIM 23 complex play an important role in TOM- TIM 23 cooperation in vivo. Tim 50, likely through its very C-terminal segment, interacts with Tom This interaction is stimulated by translocating proteins and is independent of any other TOM- TIM 23 contact known so far.

Furthermore, the exposure of Tim 23 on the mitochondrial surface depends not only on its interaction with Tim 50 but also on the dynamics of the TOM complex. Destabilization of the individual contacts reduces the efficiency of import of proteins into mitochondria and destabilization of both contacts simultaneously is not tolerated by yeast cells.

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We conclude that an intricate and coordinated network of protein-protein interactions involving primarily Tim 50 and also Tim 23 is required for efficient translocation of proteins across both mitochondrial membranes. Infrared spectroscopy for geologic interpretation of TIMS data. The Portable Field Emission Spectrometer PFES was designed to collect meaningful spectra in the field under climatic, thermal, and sky conditions that approximate those at the time of the overflight.

The specifications and procedures of PFES are discussed. Laboratory reflectance measurements of rocks and minerals were examined for the purpose of interpreting Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner TIMS data. The capability is currently being developed to perform direct laboratory measurement of the normal spectral radiance of Earth surface materials at low temperatures 20 to 30 C at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Classical Sax: Conversation with Paul Brodie. Paul Brodie, the most recorded concert saxophonist in the history of the instrument, talks about a number of topics, including his career, differences among saxophonists, mixing styles of playing, the effectiveness of music schools, and whether it is necessary to understand the structure of the piece being played. The present paper explores the implications of parallel narrative structure in Paul Harding's "Tinkers" Besides primarily recounting the two sets of parallel narratives, "Tinkers" also comprises of seemingly unrelated fragments such as excerpts from clock repair manuals and diaries.

The main stories, however, told….

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Paul van Ostaijen en het primitivisme. Though Paul van Ostaijen has always been put within the context of the historical avant-garde, his relationship to primitivism has never been the subject of study. That is strange, for primitivism is commonly seen as one of the defining characteristics of the avant-garde.

Even stranger is that. April Sudanese photographer Elsadig Mohamed and I tried to relate the photographs that Paul Julien made when traveling through the country in and to stories and realities alive in present day Sudan. This initial research was pretty successful and we thought a first presentation of the. Paul Goodman Redux: Education as Apprenticed Anarchism. When talk of philosophy of pedagogy comes up today, it is common to hear the names of Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, John Dewey, or Paulo Freire, but the name of Paul Goodman, who campaigned vigorously for pedagogical reform much of his life, is seldom mentioned.

In spite of neglect of his work, Goodman had much to say on pedagogical practice that…. Walking between houses, Paul Julien in Sudan. Uuest heliplaadist "Vasks: Cantabile per archi; Botschaft: Wergo CD Globaalne Paul Goble: Goble ; interv. Teet Korsten. Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje, T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain protein-3 Tim -3 , an inhibitory immunoregulatory receptor, has been recently implicated in tumor biology and tumor-associated immune suppression.

A total of gastric tissue biopsies, comprising 43 from GC cases, 48 from PUD and 42 from non-ulcer dyspepsia NUD serving as controls were collected. Additionally, non-neoplastic adjacent tissue biopsies were also obtained from 6 patients with GC. Tim -3 was similarly expressed in H. Higher Tim -3 expression in patients with gastric cancer and peptic ulcer implies that it might be involved in immune regulation and establishment of these gastrointestinal diseases.

Targeted immunotherapy by blocking of inhibitory receptors like Tim -3 could be a promising approach for gastric cancer treatment. Cultura digital jovem: Full Text Available Objective of this work is to present a literature review on Young and the Digital Cultural transformations caused by the dissemination of Information Technology and Communication Mobile and wireless TIMS on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Recife. To this end, we seek to identify how young periphery, high school students of a public school, they experience the Digital Culture in different social spaces; among them the school, scene of many tensions and generational conflicts and language as social and cultural use of these mobile devices.

We highlight some theoretical approaches to the phenomenon of mobile communication and the concept of Digital Culture, adopted in this work. Proposing a reflection on the role of school in the current social context of constant cultural and linguistic transformations multimodality of the digital age. Finally, we present an exercise of looking on Youth Cultures, from different theoretical, to better understand the multiple transits covered by surveyed youth to express themselves and make sense of their audiovisual productions, mediated by TIMS.

This theoretical argument was used in the dissertation in mathematics education and technology by one of the authors of this article. Therefore, we hope to contribute to further research on Digital Youth Culture in the context of the periphery.

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Encountering Shakespeare with Tim Crouch. While originally designed for a young audience, Crouch's adaptations have been performed in a variety of theatrical contexts that have added new and probably unforeseen dimensions to their negotiations with Shakespeare. In my analysis I turn to the notion of mobility as a key analytical tool to elucidate the method, aims, as well as the broader cultural meaning of Tim Crouch's reworkings. In his hands, Shakespeare is mobilized as a powerful resource to activate spectators and emphasize their co-authorship in the process of theatre.

Through a combination of textual strategies and performance methods, the monologues construct the identities of Shakespeare's characters as multiple and mutable and, in parallel, cast their addressees in fluid, often contradictory roles. My main line of argument is that the plays' propensity of motion is rooted in their emphasis on Shakespeare as a highly mobile cultural signifier which seems confirmed by the monologues' journeys outside the UK. The further adaptational practices triggered by these encounters with foreign audiences are testament to the flexibility of Crouch's dramaturgy of process and its aptitude to accommodate new discursive identities and adjust to each new context of reception.

U-series dating using thermal ionisation mass spectrometry TIMS. Both the U and U decay chains terminate at the stable isotopes Pb and Pb respectively. Thermal ionization mass spectrometry TIMS has a number of inherent advantages, mainly the ability to measure isotopic ratios at high precision on relatively small samples. In spite of these now obvious advantages, it is only since the mid's when Chen et al.

The summary results of this Plenary session are contained in part one of this report. The attendees were then organized into Working Breakout Sessions and Integrated Product Team IPT Sessions for the purpose of conducting in-depth discussions in specific topic areas and developing a consensus as to appropriate study plans and actions to be taken. The appendix contains the list of attendees. The ob'jective was to provide an update for the study teams and develop plans for subsequent study activities.

Sild humanitaar- ja loodusteaduste vahel: Dysregulation of TIM galectin-9 pathway in the cystic fibrosis airways. The T-cell Ig and mucin domain-containing molecules TIMs have emerged as promising therapeutic targets to correct abnormal immune function in several autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions.

It has been reported that proinflammatory cytokine dysregulation and neutrophil-dominated inflammation are the main causes of morbidity in cystic fibrosis CF. We also established that TIM -3 serves as a functional receptor in bronchial epithelial cells, and physiologically relevant concentrations of galectin-9 induced TIM -3 phosphorylation, resulting in increased IL-8 production.

In addition, we have demonstrated that both TIM -3 and galectin-9 undergo rapid proteolytic degradation in the CF lung, primarily because of neutrophil elastase and proteinase-3 activity. Our results suggest a novel intrinsic defect that may contribute to the neutrophil-dominated immune response in the CF airways. Paul Henning Krogh on Soil Ecotoxicology. His current record in this field includes 48 papers cited a total of times. Krogh is a Senior Scientist in the Dep Krogh is a Senior Scientist This month, he talks with ScienceWatch.

View Article Falla Moa: Failure problems in superheater spacers of steam generators; Problematica de fallas en espaciadores de sobrecalentadores de generadores de vapor. In this article the general aspects of the steam generator superheater fixed spacers failures are analyzed, emphasis is made on the influence several aspects such as the operation of the unit have, the appropriate execution of welds and the selection of binding materials.

Likewise several recommendations are made to bring the failures to a minimum. Asimismo, se proponen algunas recomendaciones para reducir al minimo las fallas. Designing of a Quadrupole Paul Ion Trap. The ion motion equation in a Paul ion trap known as Mathieu differential equation has been solved for the first time by using Runge-Kutta methods with 4th, 6th, and 8th orders. The first stability regions in az - qz plane and the corresponding qmax values were determined and compared.

Also, the first stability regions of , , , ions in the Vdc - Vac plane were drown, and the threshold voltages for the ion separation was investigated. Linus Pauling and the Twentieth Century. Linus Pauling is the only person to date to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes: Chemistry in and Peace in The first was awarded for his landmark research on the nature of the chemical bond and its application in understanding the structure of complex substances.

The second one acknowledged his courageous protest against atmospheric nuclear testing and his championship of international peace. The exhibit, for audience of all ages, traces seven decades of Linus Pauling 's life and influence on the 20th century. The exhibit, for all ages' audiences, traces seven decades of Linus Pauling 's life and influence on the 20th century. Paul Falk-Vairant, Paul Falk-Vairant died on 9 March , a few weeks before his eightieth birthday.

A physicist with dual Swiss and French nationality, he left his mark on particle physics in France and had a great impact on the development of CERN. During the same period, he came to lead the first experiment at CERN run by physicists from outside institutes at the PS. It was therefore natural for CERN in to invite him to take over its research policy. At the same time Paul Falk-Vairant guided the experimental Neutron radiography at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Neutron radiography provides an efficient tool of measurement for many applications in fundamental research as well as in industrial non-destructive testing NDT.

A neutron radiography program has been initiated at the Paul Scherrer Institute and implemented since From the beginning of until the end of , a neutron facility has been in operation at the SAPHIR research reactor. Several applications have been tested and programs on two main fields of application have been established, focusing on the study of porous materials, especially concrete and granitic rock.

The investigations on concrete and other building materials are carried out in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The experimental activities are currently carried out at the Atominstitute of the Austrian Universities in Vienna, in the framework of a cooperation program with the Atominstitute.

The continuation of the activities on a new radiography facility at the spallation source SINQ is planned at the Paul Scherrer Institute. In the following an overview of the method, of the actual and potential applications of neutron radiography at the Paul Scherrer Institute is given. McCulloch, M. Research School of Earth Science. Estudio descriptivo de corte transversal. El nivel de competencia global para el cuidado en el hogar de los cuidadores familiares de los pacientes con FC fue medio y alto. Una adecuada competencia para el cuidado en los cuidadores se convierte en un factor que puede influir de manera positiva en el manejo de la persona.

Rev Cuid. This paper present a fail detection in a non linear system compose by two tanks in parallel one with constant transversal area and the other one with variable area, the work is develop with adaptive observers and LAMDA classification. The application on this paper is in a non linear system, the level control in the two tank system. Paul Barr, Paul Barr, an extragalactic astronomer and spacecraft mission planner, died on 19 October at his home in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, at the age of Many hundreds of observers have benefited from his ability to juggle seemingly impossible observing constraints and arrive at the optimum observing program.

A rare talent. Barr was born in Sunderland, England, on 28 July There he obtained his Doctorate in X-ray astronomy in February , using data from the Ariel V and Copernicus satellites. These observatories spanned the wavelength range from the Infra-red to the gamma-ray, giving insight into Paul 's flexibility and ability to contribute in many areas.

On ISO, Paul oversaw the scientific development and use of the very successful observation scheduling system — this topic became his specialty. He worked with the gamma-ray imager IBIS instrument team to ensure that operations of their instrument were properly supported by ESA and supported preparations of announcements of opportunity. Paul , however.

Aumentar la velocidad de INTERNET en un 80% (sin programas) HD

It is based on sound fundamental principles and centuries of practices. This study compared traditional Indian medicine TIM and traditional Korean medicine TKM basing on data obtained from peer reviewed articles, respective government institutional reports and World Health Organization reports. Despite the fact that TIM and TKM have individual qualities that are unique from each other including different histories of origin, they share a lot in common. Apart from Homeopathy in TIM , both systems are hinged on similar principle of body constitutional-based concept and similar disease diagnosis methods of mainly auscultation, palpation, visual inspection, and interrogation.

Similarly, the treatment methods of TIM and TKM follow similar patterns involving use of medicinal herbs, moxibustion, acupuncture, cupping, and manual therapy. However, unlike TIM which has less insurance coverage, the popularity of TKM is majorly due to its wide national insurance coverage. These two medical traditions occupy increasingly greater portion of the global market. Taming dendritic cells with TIM Evaluation of: The identification of TIM -3 expression on tumor-associated dendritic cells TADCs provides insight into another aspect of tumor-mediated immunosuppression.

The current paper demonstrated that TIM -3 was predominantly expressed by TADCs and its interaction with the nuclear protein HMGB1 suppressed nucleic acid-mediated activation of an effective antitumor immune response. Furthermore, chemotherapy was found to be more effective in anti- TIM -3 monoclonal antibody-treated mice or mice depleted of all DCs, which indicated that a significant role is played by TADCs in inhibiting tumor regression. The U. The aerial surveys were flown to determine whether TIMS data could depict jasperoids siliceous replacement bodies associated with the gold deposits.

The TIMS data seem to be a useful supplement to conventional geochemical exploration for disseminated gold deposits in the western United States. Siliceous outcrops are readily separable in the TIMS image from other types of host rocks. Different forms of silicification are not readily separable, yet, due to limitations of spatial resolution and spectral dynamic range.

Features associated with the disseminated gold deposits, such as the large intrusive bodies and fault structures, are also resolvable on TIMS data. Inclusion of high-resolution thermal inertia data would be a useful supplement to the TIMS data. It is generally assumed that this ubiquity in modern proteomes reflects an essential historical role in early protein-mediated metabolism.

Here, we provide quantitative and comparative analyses to support several hypotheses about the early importance of the TIM barrel architecture. We show that TIM barrel enzymes corresponding to the most taxonomically broad superfamilies also have the broadest range of functions, often aided by metal and nucleotide-derived cofactors that are thought to reflect an earlier stage of metabolic evolution.

By comparison to other putatively ancient protein architectures, we find that the functional diversity of TIM barrel proteins cannot be explained simply by their antiquity. Instead, the breadth of TIM barrel functions can be explained, in part, by the incorporation of a broad range of cofactors, a trend that does not appear to be shared by proteins in general. These results support the hypothesis that the simple and functionally general TIM barrel architecture may have arisen early in the evolution of protein biosynthesis and provided an ideal scaffold to facilitate the metabolic transition from ribozymes, peptides, and geochemical catalysts to modern protein enzymes.

With only two characters on stage, the attractive gypsy Candelas and her boyfriend Carmelo who are haunted by the ghost of her previous lover, we encounter an original anti-romantic version of the relationship between love and death struggling for the liberation of the soul through that of the body, through flamenco dance and cante jondo.

The result is a both complex and popular piece in which are found synthesized such different influences as those of Felipe Pedrell, Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinski. Molecular mechanism for differential recognition of membrane phosphatidylserine by the immune regulatory receptor Tim 4. Recognition of phosphatidylserine PS lipids exposed on the extracellular leaflet of plasma membranes is implicated in both apoptotic cell removal and immune regulation. The PS receptor T cell immunoglobulin and mucin-domain-containing molecule 4 Tim 4 regulates T-cell immunity via phagocytosis of both apoptotic high PS exposure and nonapoptotic intermediate PS exposure activated T cells.

The latter population must be removed at lower efficiency to sensitively control immune tolerance and memory cell population size, but the molecular basis for how Tim 4 achieves this sensitivity is unknown. Using a combination of interfacial X-ray scattering, molecular dynamics simulations, and membrane binding assays, we demonstrate how Tim 4 recognizes PS in the context of a lipid bilayer. This organization makes Tim 4 sensitive to PS surface concentration in a manner capable of supporting differential recognition on the basis of PS exposure level.

The structurally homologous, but functionally distinct, Tim 1 and Tim 3 are significantly less sensitive to PS surface density, likely reflecting the differences in immunological function between the Tim proteins. These results establish the potential for lipid membrane parameters, such as PS surface density, to play a critical role in facilitating selective recognition of PS-exposing cells.

Circulating and tumor-infiltrating Tim -3 in patients with colorectal cancer. T-cell exhaustion represents a progressive loss of T-cell function. Thus, further exploring the molecular mechanism responsible for inducing T-cell dysfunction in CRC patients may reveal effective strategies for immune therapy. This study aims to characterize co-inhibitory receptors on T cells in CRC patients to identify novel targets for immunotherapy. Our results indicate that upregulation of the inhibitory receptor Tim -3 may restrict T cell responses in CRC patients, and therefore blockage of Tim -3 and thus restoring T cell responses may be a potential.

John Paul College: The Professional Renewal Journey. Full Text Available John Paul College, a K School in Queensland, Australia, recognises the centrality of classroom teachers to the ongoing improvement of student outcomes. The college has implemented a multi-tiered professional renewal and assessment process. The principles of the professional renewal program are to: Microfabricated linear Paul -Straubel ion trap.

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