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Gain everything. Free SAS software to use in statistics and quantitative methods classes in a variety of areas: For academic, noncommercial use only. Statistical software that students can either download or launch in the cloud via Amazon Web Services. It's easy-to-get and easy-to-use, so traditional barriers to students are a thing of the past. An online community for SAS academic users where you can interact, get support, share information, access SAS resources, etc.

Software and resources for developing students' analytical knowledge to fill the analytic skills gap in tomorrow's problem solvers and decision makers. Free SAS software you can use in introductory to advanced-level statistics and quantitative methods classes, or in self-directed learning.

Highly sought-after analytical skills that will be in demand by employers around the world. Free video tutorials that will teach you the basics of SAS programming and statistical analysis. A fun interactive community for SAS academic users, where you'll find forums, software support, instructional videos and more.

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We are serious about our educational commitments. SAS will be with you to support your success. Powerful statistical software. And it's free. Easy to access. Easy to use. PDF documentation Stata for Mac comes in four flavors: For details, see Which Stata is right for me? Data Analysis and Statistical Software. Products Stata Why Stata? Go Stata. Purchase Products Training Support Company. Frequently Asked Questions Which Stata is right for me? Does Stata support Macs with a Retina display?

Is there a bit version of Stata that allows more memory to be allocated? Is Stata compatible with macOS Mojave? Please make sure you are running the latest update of Stata Learn more about ESBStats. Deep investigation and analysis tool that is designed to report on user behaviour in all google suite areas. Learn more about General Audit Tool. Automatically highlighted statistical significance is built right into your reports. Learn more about MarketSight. Statwing chooses statistical tests automatically, then reports results in plain English. Statwing is delightful and efficient analysis.

Learn more about Statwing. Easy-to-use decision tree that automatically sifts large, complex databases for significant patterns and relationships. Learn more about CART. Standalone analytics tool for business forecasting that combines proven statistical methods with an intuitive interface. Learn more about Forecast Pro. A complete Windows-based statistical program for biomedical researchers.

Learn more about MedCalc. Learn more about Online Stock Wise Predictor. Access and utilize a wide range of statistical procedures from summary statistics to design of experiments. Learn more about Statgraphics. Excel macro package for running statistical tests on summary data. Output arranged to easily produce graphs in PowerPoint. Learn more about STEM. Multivariate software and solutions for analyzing large, complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately.

Learn more about The Unscrambler X. Designed to provide an extensive range of statistics for teams, clubs, associations, statisticians and individuals. Learn more about Cricket Statz.

Your Knowledge Partner. Providing you with intelligent insights driven by advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. Learn more about PolyAnalyst.

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BMDP provides in-depth functionality for all the major statistical analyses. Statistical software and instructional aids to help you quickly organize and analyze data. Learn more about AcaStat. A log analyzer tool for determining the basic characteristics of the hits on your site. Learn more about AlterWind Log Analyzer. Statistical software package for analyzing data from complex samples, especially large-scale assessments. Learn more about AM.

Provides an end to end model generation process designed for fast development, analysis and deployment. Learn more about Analysis Studio. Statistical software designed for fitting linear mixed models. Learn more about ASReml. Provides crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics, crime mapping and reporting to crime investigations and intelligence analysis.

Full featured RCRA compliant statistical analysis of ground water data. Learn more about ChemStat. A program for making publication-quality maps, technical drawings, and 2D and 3D scientific graphs; includes a statistical add-on. Learn more about CoPlot.

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Cornerstone combines powerful state-of-the-art data analysis techniques with a highly intuitive user interface. Learn more about Cornerstone. Statistics software for tracking game, season and career stats from high schools to professional stadiums. Learn more about DakStats Baseball.

A downloadable statistics add-in that complements Excel's standard statistical capabilities. Learn more about DataMelt. Windows-based statistical software for marketing research. Design of experiments tool that guides the user through the planning, executing, and analyzing of experiments.

Learn more about Design-Expert.

Statistical software for fast and easy analysis. Learn more about Develve. Learn more about DOE Wisdom. Learn more about Dragonglass. Data analysis and simulation software with data management, reporting functionality for probability distribution selection. Learn more about EasyFit. Measure email productivity: Learn more about Email Meter Enterprise. Learn more about Explorer.

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Statistical sampling solution that helps individuals with weighting, consulting,address-based, and random digital dial samples. Learn more about Genesys. A flexible modeling tool designed for function finding, logistic regression, time series prediction, and logic synthesis. Learn more about GeneXproTools. Ke Labs empowers domain experts to easily do hands-on data analytics including big data Learn more about Information Center. Ke Labs empowers domain experts to easily do hands-on data analytics including big data. Key functionality includes service bus, search, caching, queuing, notifications, workflow, rules, and access management services.

Learn more about Kingland. Business intelligence and predictive analytics software suite with decision tress and data visualization. A range of statistical tools for the quick and easy analyses of statistical problems in Excel. Learn more about Lumenaut Statistics. Easy, powerful and free software for uncertainty estimation by Monte Carlo Method for labs, universities or research institutions.

Learn more about MCM Alchimia. A statistical analysis program that performs linear and nonlinear regression analysis. Learn more about Number Analytics. Software for Excel that allows you to apply advanced econometric analysis quickly, track your changes, and share your models. Learn more about NumXL. A program for calculating the special forms of sample and inter-sample statistics required for circular data. Learn more about Oriana.

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PASS software provides sample size tools for over statistical test and confidence interval scenarios. Learn more about PASS. A stand-alone statistical power analysis software package that is used for the calculation of a sample size for a planned study. Learn more about Power and Precision. Computational intelligence software for data mining analysis and predictive modeling.

Learn more about Predictive Suite.

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Cloud-based application for businesses that provides solutions for data visualization, numerical analysis, simulation etc. Learn more about Pro Plus.