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Read no further unless you or a family member play Sims 3 and want to get it working in macOS Sierra. And really, try the linked forum post first; this is just a backup plan.

I organized it as a numbered list and formatted some text, but left the content unchanged. You could try starting the game directly, bypassing the Launcher. If you later on want to start with the Launcher again, just do the same thing, this time changing TS3W. To make this easier to do in the future, I made an alias of the info. Handy to know — but why did it break and how does the fix work? On our iMac in Sierra, it would hang at launch.

Not sure why, but at least for us, something about Sierra broke the startup. Anyway, the. The game usually runs with a launcher app. This change just removes the launcher so that the game itself launches on double-click. I was desperately looking on the web for an answer to my problem. I had played with it for like about 2 years and never faced any troubles since two months ago. I only recently made the connection with the mac sierra update, when my dad told me about me.

I then found out your post, your explanations are so clear and simple. In less than five minutes the problem was solve and my sims worked again!

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Maybe try posting there? Same for me, does anyone have a solution? I have been trying to get the sims 3 to work for more than 5 years now!

Re: Sims 3 Keeps Freezing/Crashing on my Mac!

My brother. Firstly, manually reset your RAM while playing. See BluebellFlora's guide on how to do this: The memory used as seen in Activity Monitor is at about 3GB after the restart. At this point I reset the RAM.

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Then I hit play and get through the opening sequence. I then press cmd-return to put the game in windowed mode from time to time while playing and always before saving or using CAS. That way I can keep an eye on the memory and reset RAM if necessary. Being in windowed mode also allows you to close the game using force quit if it freezes up - it's better to crash the game than your whole computer.

Second tip is to save frequently. I save at least once per sim day.

Solved: Sims 3 Keeps Freezing/Crashing on my Mac! - Answer HQ

Make sure you are patched up to date. The 1. January - last edited January After that it strarted freezing straight away, hence I started looking for answers elsewhere. I tried restarting my computer, manually clearing Sims 3 cache, it still freezes.

How to play The Sims 3 on a Mac

Thank you for your help anyway! I just wanted to say that I am having problems similar to yours , because Sims 3 doesn't recognize my graphics card also intel iris pro. Yes, it seems to be running fine, except I can't change any graphic settings in the game from the lowest possible settings , without getting a black screen. So I have been running the game at the lowest settings for a bit, however not that long, since it doesn't look very nice. I think the problem is "just" that the game doesn't recognize the graphics card according to the DeviceConfig.

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Yeah the game doesn't look great if you are stuck on the very lowest settings. Most of mine are on medium and it looks fine. I'm sorry but I don't think I can help with this because if the graphics card is not compatible or not recognised there's not much we can do. It is possible that a patch or update might come along to help but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'll mention the specific graphics card that you guys have to some follow Mac simmers that are more expert than I am when it comes to technical issues and if they let me know anything that may help you I will return and post it, but I doubt this will happen.

Thanks Caspin, for now I will keep playing on my 5 year old macbook, which can actually run the game on medium graphics settings, even though it's slow..

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We are trying to get some information together about these Iris cards. We've started a thread over here in the Mac section of the sims3. If you guys could post some information in that thread to get the ball rolling, it would be much appreciated.

We hope to get some basic specs for the Macbooks, the types of graphics cards etc, and descriptions of the problems, perhaps even screenshots of any graphical issues. All Replies. July Hmm somehow i don't think that the game developers made the game so that if your game messes up, you have to just deal with it. Message 3 of 6 64, Views. Reply 2.

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October Help my sims 3 pets will whenever I enter Create a Pet it will crash no matter what town or animal I have no cc. Message 4 of 6 62, Views. Reply 0. October alexasavannah - this post has been marked as solved - Please create a new topic with your problem. Message 5 of 6 62, Views. July Cleaning up the memory on my Mac has made an incredible amount of difference! You can do this by typing 'purge' in the terminal must have Xcode installed, came on your mac disk with the computer otherwise, any memory boosting app. Message 6 of 6 52, Views.

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