How to apply mac eyeshadow smokey eye

Apply Pro Longwear Paint Pot as a base to the eyelids use a neutral skin tone colour. DO NOT go over the eyelid. Next is the transition color. Sweep across the top of the lid in a circular motion. Make sure to leave the brow arch clean and empty. Use the brush to heavily smudge the eyeliner. This shadow has a bit of a shimmer and can be used dry or wet.

Get The Look

Use your favourite eyelash curler and curl your lashes from the root. In an upward zig-zag motion, apply mascara to lashes. Make sure the brow bone is completely fresh and clean. Gently outline your brow with the gelcreme, then immediately blend it upwards before it dries.

Types of Brushes

Use Dirty Blonde with Deep Brunette at the ends. Blend together. Brush on clear Brow Set.

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Using the Conceal and Correct Palette , cover up any dark circles under your eyes. I used the deep orange concealer. Fix any unwanted marks with foundation.

How To: Achieve A Dark Brown Smokey Eye

Using the excess colour left on the contouring brush, sweep the brush along your hairline in an upward motion. So if you're into classic makeup looks and love Chanel who doesn't? There's no denying that Alice Cullen, played by hottie extraordinaire Ashley Greene, is uniquely gorgeous. Like her fellow family members, she possesses marble white skin and glistening, hypnotic gold eyes, but her petite fairy-like nose and fun experimentation with her hairst Firstly, looking like modern screen siren Eva Mendes requires confidence.

Lots of confidence. The stunner has posed nearly nude for Calvin Klein and doesn't flinch at wearing extremely form-fitting, low cut frocks at red carpet events. Plus, the girl loves having fun with her Kristen Stewart is a well known tomboy who really doesn't care whether she's wearing Chanel or Target when she's out and about.

Smokey Eyes Tutorial Video - MAC Artistry | MAC Cosmetics

But the sister knows how to glam it up big time on the red carpet and for photo shoots, where she brings out her hidden sultry, feminine side. For a When you get tired of doing the same black and brown smokey eyes and need something new to refresh your makeup routine and look, take a gander at this makeup tutorial by MissChievous.

GLAM Smokey Eye - New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Rather than teach you a look that'll make you blend in with the crowd at work, MissChievous s Kim Kardashian really doesn't need to wear all the makeup she does. As we've all seen through tabloids, Kim even looks glamorous sans makeup and just getting a pedicure at a cheap salon. But when Kim wears makeup she's smokin' hot. Watch ths tutorial to see how to create Kim' It's summer, gals, which means it's time to have fun with your makeup and break out of your nudes and neutrals mold.

So no, that doesn't mean venturing into scary chocolate browns and - gasp! We're talking about full on, so bright it'll blind your eyes c A major Hollywood player since she was a preteen, Vanessa Hudgens knows what looks on the red carpet and what doesn't. And, like most girls, she's found that the smokey eye never fails to make your eyes pop and to the make the eyes of nearby cartoon wolves pop out. In this vi Lauren, also known as Panacae81 on youtube, has been making makeup tutorials for some time now.

After becoming a youtube legend, Lauren has gone on to write her ow Then you'll definitely need to amp up your makeup game with lots of color and a Claire's store worth of glitter. Dip into the sultriness of Arabic women with this Fall look that's sure to drop jaws. It's a smokey Arabic-style look with vivid purples and reds. It's the perfect autumn makeup look when wearing dark colors. Watch this video for the step-by-step instructions for applying this We may not have Brigitte Bardot's perfect plush lips or her French sex appeal so natural she seems to have been born with it, but we can steal her makeup tricks!

Bardot was most famous for her bedroom eyes - you know, the half closed, half open wink she would lay upon cinema v When it comes to smokey eyes, is there any starlet more versed in how to apply the look than Kim Kardashian?

We can't think of any person more enamored with the sultry femme fatale look than the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star. Kim's fondness for smokey eyes - and expe There are more ways to show your team pride for the Cincinatti Bengals than by painting your hair orange and drawing tacky orange and black tiger motifs on your face. If your urge is to paint your face to root for your favorite team on game day, then check out this makeup tuto Kim Kardashian knows her way around a smokey eye.

Like, sister could put her makeup on in the dark and still be the hottest thing on the red carpet. So it goes without saying that we often find ourselves oogling her pictures and finding inspiration in them for our own smokey e With Fall almost here, it's time to change the colors. And this makeup tutorial will hopefully help you change with the seasons, or at least inspire you in greater ways!

Watch and learn how to recreate and add or modify this smokey muted purples look for eyes. You can use wh Gwen Stefani famously said that her makeup and fashion look is a hybrid between '50s pin up and chola. While cholas get a bad rep for going a wee too crazy with the eyeliner, brow liner, and lipliner black-rimmed lips filled in with nude lipstick? Not attractive , they do the They may not come in sparkly, 24K packages like department store brands, but drugstore beauty goodies can often perform just as beautifully for a fraction of the price.

You just have to know which particular drugstore products work. Take the guesswork out of mass cosmetics by Julie explains a tutorial using makeup from Heartbreaker Cosmetics and she uses colors like Jaded,Tantalize and Sweetheart. She uses a dark eggplant c This makeup tutorial video will show you how to do a smokey purple eye look that's really dramatic. Heads will turn in your direction when everyone sees this awesome and dramatic makeup look. This video will show you how to apply makeup to your whole face for a new look in the mornings, as well as how to apply eyeshadow for a brown smokey eye look.

This smokey eye can be updated at night for a more chic makeup look for going out. Shell Lin Learn how you can create the ultimate sex kitten look with this how to video. Just slap on a smokey eye and a pink lip and you're ready to be an import girl. This makeup tutorial uses the following products All MAC unless otherwise specified: Bumble bee eyes? Not quite, but this combination of yellows and blacks might cause a buzz!

How To Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Watch and learn how to create attention grabbing eyes using these make up techniques and tips. A twist on the classic smokey eye look, this video adds a light teal turn. Learn how by watching this tutorial. Looking for a classic, yet stunning look? Follow these beauty tips in applying silver, grey and black eye shadows to create a sophisticated, attention grabbing look.

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