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However, Stuffit Expander can interfere with the normal process of managing and mounting disk image files.

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The solution - double-click Stuffit Expander, and open its Preferences under the File menu. Quit Stuffit Expander. Apr 2, 3: ClarionWorks document. Disk Copy is ignoring it no on the list of possible files to open. Stuffit is ignoring the file doing nothing when pointed for opening.


Is it just one particular. Apr 4, 8: I was trying on three. Apr 4, Apr 5, 9: Apr 5, From the error message it sounds like the.

Getting Stuffit Expander on Mac HD

This can happen during transit across the web, such as when the file is not protected during download; or when it has been downloaded or processed using a machine running Windows or even OS X. In the new window, double-click the item named in the ID column. At the top of the new window will be a text box named "Signature". It should contain the four-letter code.

At the top of the new window should be a text box named "File Type". If you made no changes, there will be no opportunity to Save, of course.

StuffIt Deluxe 3.x - 7.x

These characters can include non-text characters, such as numbers or even punctuation characters including a space as a character. They must be absolutely correct in order to work. This aids in recovery if something goes wrong. Apr 6, In may case situation is worst - I see no no item in the array mentioned above. Just empty window. I may only create a resource.

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  8. When opening first time ResEdit is displaying a warining that file has no resource fork and one will be add. I was trying to define two resources described by you Still the same error. Communities Contact Support.

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    If it does, do you have access to any OS 7. John Galt John Galt. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Stuffit Expander 4.

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    The issue in System 6 is that Stuffit Expander will only offer to expand files with the correct Macintosh file type, and files often don't have that type. But if you hold down the command key before selecting "Expand" from the "File" menu, Stuffit Expander will offer to expand all the contents of a folder, regardless of file type.

    So to expand a file, put it in a new folder, and expand that folder. Make sure to hold down the command key before pressing the mouse button. See the keyboard documentation.

    StuffIt Expander® is a free download or included as a feature of StuffIt Deluxe®.

    In System 7, you can drag any file onto the Stuffit Expander application icon, regardless of file type. Version 4. The installer for version 5.