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Create new account. Quake X 1. Play original Quake game on OS X. Follow This App Developer website: Fruitz Of Dojo. Download Now.

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Quake is the successor to Doom, the smash-hit action game. In Quake, you're plunged into a brutal and terrifyingly realistic 3D environment where you'll need to rely on your agility, instincts, and a lot of weapons. Multiple players can connect via modem or network in either cooperative or deathmatch modes. If you have trouble with weird colors or incorrect textures in 1. Version 1. I just bought it in June.

I tried downloading the "binary version" on macupdate. But I have no idea what to do with it. I also downloaded the other parts of the game like you said but I also don't know what to do with those.

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I just want this to work without having to buy expensive stuff. Click the apple in the upper left corner of your desktop then click on About This Mac. The window will tell you which os is installed and your processor information. You will not be able to run Quake 3 Arena on your Mac. See "John Hammer1's" response in this thread. Just to repeat: I gave him a link to the application and a link to the germ of some instructions for installing - from the CD - the other bits needed for the application to run.

Here's a little more, but I'm not interested in spending any more time tracking down every little tidbit of information needed for a self-confessed ignoramus no offense intended to whack together a year-old game for a brand-new Mac:. OP, if you have a friend with a Mac who has the game, just copy the entire Quake3 folder from his Applications folder to yours.

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It's easy to do this over a local network, and almost as easy yet much faster with FireWire target disk mode. If you don't understand any of those terms, look them up or ask your theoretical friend. Then just download and copy in the UB version that I linked in my first message.

ioquake3 and OS X Mountain Lion – ioquake3

This is totally legal since you purchased the game - you're not really "copying" it, you're just working around the installation issue. I tried getting Medal of Honor to do this, but it doesn't work, as a lot of the files in the Mac version are way different.

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. I own a copy of the Windows version of Quake3, but since I no longer run Windows on any of my hardware, the game has been sitting around collecting dust.

The installer will create a Quake3 folder in your Applications folder. Copy the "pak0. Run Quake3 and enter your CD key and you're all set.

Quake 3 for OSX Lion

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