Mac software to reduce pdf size

With this password compressor, you can enable automatic compression on the system and save files with One-Click compression from the internet. Download from Apple Store: PDF Squeezer.

2 Solutions to Compress PDF on Mac for Free

This PDF reducer can perform powerful and robust image compression allowing to compress the big image-filled PDF files to a small size. The image resolution can control with this tools, and the user can reduce PDF size by lowering the resolution of images inside PDF File.

Reduce PDF size OSX: Part 1

In addition to this, several predefined sets of compression filters are present in the app to assist in the process to shrink PDF. PDF Optim.

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ExSqueeze has crafted in such a way that this PDF Tool delivers the best result while managing the memory efficiently. The free PDF compressor is accessible in three languages. You can reduce PDF file size regardless of the many high-quality pictures present in it.

The look and feel of the app are sleek, making the working of the app to be great in every manner. The results of the app are astounding and deliver the best quality PDF while using the advanced memory management techniques. Any PDF squeezed is available for preview and is easy to save for the user anytime. It is one of most popular means to compress PDF file size. ExSqueeze IT. PDF Compress has a very simple and easy to access user interface that can do the job quickly.

The Best Free PDF Compressor for Mac

The tool comes with many compression qualities allowing you to choose the appropriate one to get the correct level of compression. Whether the PDF is password protected or not, the compression of the contents present in it is possible with the free PDF compressor tool. For easy use, you can create your own custom compression quality and save it for next use.

The users can select a particular compression value to get a better-compressed result and quality of content. There is no need to worry about the restricted or encrypted PDF files, as it accepts them without any trouble. My MB file was compressed and reduced to only 3. Although some images within the document have clearly lost their sharpness, the text contained in the file looks just as sharp in the compressed version as it does in the original one. Your mileage will greatly vary depending on the original file, what it contains, and what your Mac can effectively compress within that file, but in most cases, you will end up with a file dramatically reduced in size.

For those wanting to learn the in and outs of PDF file management on a Mac, make sure to check out our guides on how to create PDF documents , how to split and how to combine PDF files, and how to sign a PDF without the need of additional software. A Mac is designed to boost productivity both in life and work, so it is quite reasonable that some powerful applications comes with MacOS for totally free.

How to Reduce File Size of PDF on Mac

Among these apps, there are 2 mac tools can reduce pdf file size on mac for free. One is Preview, while the other one is Colorsync. Preview is the free mac program developed to view and manage PDFs or images. With 3 steps, Preview can get your PDF file size reduced. In my tests, I opened a 4. It seemed that Preview could work perfect on reducing pdf file size in this case. But when I tried another file with a size of 4.

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  5. Another mac tool to compress PDF is ColorSync, it is a color management system, helping users to modify an image by adding effect, tweaking color space, adjusting colors or brightness, etc. In my tests, I successfully reduced a PDF file from However, ColorSync has the same issue as Preview. If you are not intended to reduce pdf file size with a software or online service, here are some small tips to compress pdf for you. For Adobe Acrobat, if you are working on PDF files frequently, or you don't care about the high cost, it is a good choice.

    Part 2. Free Desktop PDF Compressor for Mac - PDFwriter

    Different people have different methods. If your PDF documents are larger than 10Mb, and you are looking to upload it to the Internet or send it to other users, you should try compressing its file size. In the following paragraphs, you will find tips for reducing the size of your PDF files without losing the quality of your file.