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Apple is in a bubble designing for their own executives bubble. The USA is far behind in broadband, trying to create services that depend on reliable fast broadband is incredibly presumptuous, not rooted in reality or data, and very user hostile.

Problem with Copy/Paste files onto USB flash drive on Mac, how to fix

Likewise having tiny hard drives in the Macs is very user hostile, they have been shrinking the hard drive space for years which is lunacy. When I accidentally clicked the iCloud Desktop thing, it started trying to upload about 4gb of documents in carefully arranged desktop folders. It totally messed things up. I had to disable it and then it was trying to download and upload from iCloud. I hope I did not lose any documents in that process.

Another failed cloud example is I tried using iCloud backup to restore an iPhone one time, 64gb model with about 50gb used, and the time estimate was 14 hours — and of course it failed. Not reliable.

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I have been a Mac user since and the company is more frustrating and confused today than ever before. Please, everyone who is reading this thread and is disgusted with this situation, take a moment to post a comment on iCloud feedback and let them know they need to remedy this ASAP or feel some hurt. I have Norton antivirus and I learned that I have some type of Cloud capacity but not sure how much nor where to see the files on the Norton backup capacity nor do I see any symbol to the effect of the Norton capacity.

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Any ideas of what to do? Also, I can not update OS beyond I am in Monterrey, N. Wow, why the hell would apple make that the default?! To remove all the files from the local mac to be stored exclusively on the cloud when you turn it on. Apple is rapidly becoming the most evil company in the world. Yes, absolutely agree! Also Mac running slow constantly and suspect the whole system is up to no good now. I have lost faith in Apple.

iCloud Documents Folder, moving to External? | MacRumors Forums

The worse thing is that I did not enable iCloud Drive, but when I visited the apple store, due to slow problems, the genius advised me to do so. I too received the out of icloud room. I would like to get rid of it, and the instructions are very good, except for I cannot find a Desktop on my computer. Only icloud.

Move special OS X user folders to external drive

Is it hidden somewhere? This is downright evil! It deletes all my files if I want to turn iCloud off?! This is clearly to stop people from turning it off. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Then you'll want to use the command line to delete the old folder and link it:.

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Repeat this once for each folder you want to move making sure you first copied the content over. That's much easier on the budget. Before you begin, make sure you have a current backup , using whatever method is your favorite. For example, you might clone your current startup drive , which still contains your home folder, to an external bootable drive. That way, you can restore everything to how it was before you began this process, if necessary.

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  5. How to Disable iCloud Desktop & Documents on Mac.
  6. Move Your Mac's Home Folder to a New Location.

In the Users folder, you'll find your home folder, easily identified by the house icon. Select the Home folder and drag it to its new destination on another drive. Because you're using a different drive for the destination, the operating system will copy the data rather than move it, which means the original data still will remain in its current location. You'll delete the original home folder later after you have verified that everything is working.

From the list of user accounts, right-click on the account whose home folder you moved, and select Advanced Options from the pop-up menu. Do not make any changes to Advanced Options except for those noted here. Doing so can cause quite a few unforeseen problems that could lead to data loss or the need to reinstall the operating system.

iCloud Documents Folder, moving to External?

In the Advanced Options sheet, click Choose , located to the right of the Home directory field. Navigate to the location you moved your home folder to, select the new home folder, and click OK. Navigate to the location of your new Home folder, which should now display the house icon. Create a test TextEdit file by typing a few words and then saving the document.

How to Turn Off iCloud Desktop & Documents on MacOS

In the dropdown Save sheet, select your new Home folder as the location to store the test document.