Run shell script on mac os x

There are commands and a syntax. From time to time you'll see articles that show how to change an OS X preference from the command line. For example, you may have seen this terminal command that strips the drop shadow from your screenshots:. Scripts are a sequence of commands, managed by the scripting language, to a achieve a task. The easiest way to write a script is to use a text editor, like OS X's built-in TextEdit, found in the Applications folder.

Note 2. Make sure the Preferences for TextEdit are set correctly. Once set, relaunch TextEdit.

Introduction to the Mac OS X Command Line

Here's a simple script that uses the "uptime" command to display how long it's been since your Mac was rebooted. Note 3. The first line tells OS X to use the Bash scripting language.

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There are several to chose from. We won't dig into that here. Copy and paste this script into a new TextEdit file.

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Call it " ByYourCommand. In the Finder, delete the file extension ". Open the Terminal app and navigate to the file. Substitute your own login name instead of mine. Like this:. There is an other possible workout.

Enabling Drag and drop onto a Shell script

Safe your shell script in a automator workflow. Invoke the workflow with launchd. The code is:. This will not launch any program nor show up in the menu bar and its way more silent then a Platypus app.

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Sorry, I don't quite understand. What do you want to do with those shell scripts? Do you want to open iTerm though a shell script?

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Are you exclusively talking about Terminal. Could you maybe post an example of what you're trying to run? I've setup several iTerm sessions to launch a normal shell, open a Rails console, display the Rails log etc.

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But anyway, I found a solution to make the bundle approach work properly see edited question. I see! Well, it would be awesome if you could answer your own question using the button below and tell us what you did, or how you solved the issue. Maybe post some examples in your question, and then just add a brief answer.

This way, if somebody stumbles upon your post, they might learn something from it! Well I still don't have an answer for the actual question i. I'm still confused. You don't want to run them via an. I tried to run a command this way from a full-screen app, however it always opened it in the background. Cool hack mcb. But I don't get why. Usually we want to hide the terminal window because it will open another window, which is the main one.

If you need mplayer's first terminal window, I suppose it doesn't open another one and so why would you want to hide it in the first place? They can even include parameters, and have additional options: I use this for some small snippets, and it's very flexible. This is no longer available under Alfred 2. Instead, create a "Run Script" as shown in the picture. Here's a quick and dirty example with almost no effort for an app named "myapp": Make an partial applications hierarchy: To give it execute permissions: Double-click your new "app" from the finder.

It will run with no window. JeffB JeffB 11 2. Did not work on Here is Info. Thanks, but this doesn't seem to have an effect. I also tried touch ing the bundle to make sure the newest version was used.