How to copy and paste html code on tumblr on mac

Think about the aspects of Mac design that you like the most, whether it's the bright icons with recognizable shapes, the muted background colors, the rounded lines or the tiled displays. As you scan the themes available in the Theme Garden, look for themes that incorporate those elements into their design.

Themes may not be affiliated with Apple, but some can still have the look that Apple is known for. Incorporating the rounded edges that are one of the hallmarks of Apple's design for both hardware and software, iBlack is available in the Theme Garden. If you prefer a lighter shade, you can use day pages, which changes the theme to have a light gray background. The theme supports the use of tags and includes a search function to help you find old posts.

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Theme 7 is available from Themes by Moi and will make your Tumblr page look like a horizontal iPhone. Your blog description and links will appear when a user clicks the home button on the theme. There are three columns of posts, five custom links and a customizable background. Perfs is another Theme Garden theme that incorporates parts of the Mac design into a custom theme.

The Unofficial, Beginner's Guide to Tumblr

It uses rounded corners on a gray metal background that is similar to Mac monitors and laptops. Because the theme supports custom colors, you can adjust the shade of gray and the color of the text boxes to your liking by clicking "Customize" on your Tumblr blog. Melly Parker has been writing since , focusing on health, business, technology and home improvement.

Best way set up a new tumblr skin

Blogging can be serious work, and with your easy-to-use Tumblr blog, you might be posting more than ever. You may be writing about your beautiful vacation, sharing the newest wallpaper you designed in Photoshop, or explaining how to get your dog to quit barking at frogs.

Either way, your blog takes real time, and it might be nice to make a little money from it. Google AdSense has enabled bloggers around the world to get ad revenue from their content. Please note: If you already have an account, skip to the next section; otherwise, browse to the AdSense site link below , and click the Sign up now button.

Embed a video within your Muse website

Fill out the form as usual, with information about your site as well as some personal contact information. Make sure to check the boxes at the top with guidelines about ads, and make sure your site follows them or your AdSense account could be suspended. Accept the additional policies at the bottom of the form, and then click Submit Information. Make sure your information is correct, then select if you have a Google account and either enter your account info or create a new account.

Installing and Using Tumblr Themes Created With Artisteer

Once you receive your conformation email, head back to the AdSense site, but this time, log in with your Google account info. Ad units are often a good choice for a sidebar, which link units may look better in a header or footer of a theme. Select the size you want from the drop-down menu beside Format. From the Colors section, select the colors that would match your site, or chose one of the preconfigured Palettes. Note that you can always access your ad units in the future and edit them from the Manage Ads link in AdSense.

Browse to the Customize page on Tumblr by clicking Customize in your Tumblr dashboard or by following the link below. Spot some text near the place on your theme where you want to place your ads. For instance, if you want to place it near on a sidebar under the About this blog description, look at your theme preview to see what default wording it uses.

The search box will look different, depending on your browser, but will work the same. Look for the highlighted text in your code. We want to post our content right after this section. Note that the next line is still describing the profile, so it goes with the About box still.

2) Custom Theme

In this theme, we searched for About , and pasted the code right below the code for the about box, just like we showed above. If it looks good, click Save in the top right corner, and then visit your site in a different tab or window.